2022-07-30 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Calgary Stampeders (6240)

A cool beverage, hot July long weekend and two best football teams going head to head. good friends, good times........ good gracias.....
What the H E double hockey sticks am i thinking, go get them Big Blue in a smash mouth hard hitting, winner take all, Bombers by 10, geld them horses

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Settle in for what may be a looong game. The mass of thunderstorms from last night has moved off into Saskabush but mother nature is brewing a few more. Anything that starts in the foothills West of Innisfail is sure to be nasty. Got caught by one of those in Cremona a few years ago on the way back from golfing in Kananaskis. Had to wait an hour for the 6-8" of 1"- 2" round hail to melt before we could leave.....

We could get lucky but the doppler shows them headed toward Calgary right now....

That sucks.

Watching the Environment Canada Doppler and it looks iffy that they will have moved through by game time.

Never know though, I thought we were going to get plastered last night but it all missed us.

All ready!! The day didn't start that great but it's gotten better....nice to see a guy you watched play golf for a few years (Pendrith) tied for the lead at a big boy tournament...

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Yeah I caught a couple of hours of that. Taylor holding his own.

Almost ready to go!

America’s Team vs Stampeders.

And didn’t have to wait long for that Sleeman’s commercial I missed so much…

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Still giggling - watched the Craig's post game from last night and on the subject of Rourke "Man he completes a lot of passes".

Ya might want to spend some time in the bye week thinking about that Craig.....

Slow start for the Bombers. Not surprised.

Sure looked like Judge moved into the receiver early....

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Well. Another blistering start by the Bombers offence. Need the d to make a play for us.

Kinda but I though it was more Demski running into the defender.

Groggy start for Big Blue.
Sharp start for Bo-Lev & the Cowboys.
Bombers have been crusin' for a brusin' for a couple games now.
They might get their "wish" tonite!

Yeah possibly. Collaros sure was excited but not worth the challenge that early. Wouldn’t have been in scoring position even if successful.


CGY Looking Good!

Agreed. Can't burn a challenge that early in game. Especially when it was only an 8 or 9 yd gain.

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Interior of Wpg's o-line causing them all kinds of holy hell.
Dru Dejarlais getting spit out by the NFL would resolve some of these issues - mostly Kolankoski (C) & Gray (LG) getting pushed around against their will.

Yeah. Mike rose is just toying with Grey.

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Zach is a great QB - an all-time Bomber, but he's confounded by a weak interior o-line and not having WR guys like Adams, Lawler, Ellingson & Stretch Asugudio. Has Demski for the check-offs though!

btw - no one but no one in the Wpg organization will be rattled or shell-shocked by a Bomber loss tonite. Away game, lots of injuries & nicks, Calgary chompin' at the bit.



After that drop in the end zone he make up for it there.

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