2022-07-30 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Calgary Stampeders (6240)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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The Week 8 marquee matchup has the Winnipeg Blue Bombers-7-0 versus the Calgary Stampeders-4-1 and coming off a bye week. I am riding a 8 game win streak with CFL Pick'em and I'm picking the Stamps to make it too :hash: :nine: :rofl:

P.S. May the best team win, a message to the Refs-keep the flags in your
_ _ _ _ _ _ g pockets :shushing_face:


As I pointed out last night on the game thread, if the Stamps lose they will lose the season series and essentially be 3 games behind the Bombers in the loss column. They will therefore realistically only be playing for second place behind either the Bombers or Lions for the rest of the year. This game is therefore critical for them as far as post season seeding goes. If the Bombers lose they will still have another shot at taking the season series at home in Week 12 after their first bye.

I picked the Bombers in the pool, but given their injuries and the fact they are playing their eighth game in a row without a bye and are playing their 4th of 5 of 6 on the road, that pick is far from certain. No excuses. It just is what it is and the Stamps are certainly not a bad pick either. The Bombers are never a bad pick. We will see tonite whether the Stamps are contenders or pretenders.

Here’s hoping we have another great game like the last one between these two teams.

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YOU FOOL!!! Everyone's picking us to lose this game! How could you be so dumb... what the f... I picked them to win too. Looks like we're both idiots.

We're what...17 wins and 3 losses over the last couple seasons?! (I think). When will we learn? :grin:


That’s what I say. Although they could easily lose tonite, last time I thought that and picked BC I was wrong. They won’t win every game (will they?), but until they show a semblance of mortality it seems that picking against them is a fool’s game. I was tempted to pick Calgary to set up another “no lose” game, but the pool is too close for us to be dicking around in that way.

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If the Bombers sew up first place early they'll lose one or two on purpose. I promise. :grinning:

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The refs have decided a few games pretty pathetic but then again that can be a tough job. But this year I have seen refs right in front of the action where a penalty should have been called and the ref has his finger up his ass. Mostly favoring the Bombers must be nice to have them on your team. The other thing I have been tracking who is playin and who is out anyone notice the bombers cheating in this aspect stating that a player is doubtfull but then all of a sudden playing. I realize this is for the betting aspect but seriously why have it if the truth is not being pllayed out.

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Dogdrool, your barking up the wrong tree. The officials don't play for us, that would be preposterous.

We just pay them under the table to cheat for us in 2 for 1 food vouchers so they can't be traced back to us.

As far as lying about our injuries, Aw shucks you caught us. If you keep it a secret, there may be a BOGO coupon for a large bag of dog food in it for you.

I'm just happy you've never noticed that we also pay off the command center and replay people.

Who's a good dog.....Oh yes you are.....Oh yes you are,


Hey. You said you wouldn't tell anyone. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Any update on Calgary's COVID situation? I picked Calgary in the pool, and normally I try to avoid changing picks, but COVID is one mitigating factor that could sway me.

I don’t have a specific update but everything I have read seems to say that Calgary will have few, if any, absences due to Covid. If Covid is your only concern about picking Calgary I wouldn’t worry about it. Below is a recent Calgary Sun article that confirms that Covid shouldn’t be an issue tonite.


Here is a more specific update confirming that Calgary is healthy.



The Stampeders are contenders. The 2nd best team in CFL according my opinion.

This is going to be another great game. Another 1st half of the season, pre Grey Cup matchup of one and deux!

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Calgary is very well rested. Maybe too well rested.

Shout out to Liverpool FC too!

They may be and certainly appear to be in the top three along with BC and Winnipeg. If they lose tonite they won’t finish first in the West. If they win it could be a three way battle down to the wire.

Are you joining us for the game tonite Tex?

Yes, and I am excited. Haven’t been able to catch a game since two weeks ago since this fabulous matchup and The Atlantic Showdown (or was it Cup?)
in Arcadia.

This will be a salivating matchup


Calgary understands discipline and obviously vigorously followed protocols. If they had not the second wave would have broken out already....


Last I heard no one was missing from the starter roster tonight. Everyone has cleared medical and is penciled in. Whether they have energy to last 60 minutes will be another thing.

All the stamp sound bytes on the radio this week followed the same theme: this is an excellent team to go up against, if anyone is going to beat the bombers the first time this year it’ll be the stamps tonight and no one wants to miss out on that action.

I expect both teams will be hungry to get this one going.


Let’s hope the Bombers aren’t tired from too much playing and the Stamps don’t have players tiring because of Covid.

I'm gonna bet we see some of the same from guys who were out sick as last night. Their stamina won't be where it needs to be.