2022-07-29 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6239)

BC Lions

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Cody Fajardo's Baaack!

"...as Cody Fajardo returns under centre after missing Week 7 with an injury. He’ll look to get receiver Kian Schaffer-Baker back into offensive rhythm as the team’s leading receiver failed to catch a pass over eight attempts against the Argos."

I hope Dickenson's not putting all his eggs on Fajardo's kneebrace. One more low (illegal but not called for some reason) blow to that damaged knee and it might be curtains for Saskatchewan's season. That offensive line has got to step up this game. Also CFL HQ needs to get involved early to lay down the law if... sorry... WHEN things get chippy.

I hope it's not just me who wants see a good game where both Fajardo and Rourke are spared all those cheap shots we've seen lately. I don't wanna see the crapfest that's bound to result should the CFL fail to protect it's star QB's yet again.


You've got that right.


What's the over/under on Davis Sanchez actually trying to pronounce Saskatchewan and getting it right?

Tonight's Lions Lineup:

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And the Riders:

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Wow. A game thread already? This seems a bit early. :thinking: :unamused:

This is becoming more and more a problem in pro football. As goes the passing action, so goes generally everything else from a business standpoint.

I don't know, maybe instead of wearing a construction orange or other off-colour bright jersey like in practice we get to the point where defensive players are allowed to have a fly swatter and can only swat the quarterback by hand or swatter and not tackle him unless he dares to go within one yard of the line of scrimmage or tries to cross it. :disguised_face:

I don't see the defensive players getting slower and smaller.

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Nice to see Schaffer-Baker getting in on the action after last week.

Rough start for Rourke so far.

I thought that PI should have been of the accidental on purpose variety.


The Riders' D is playing very well. Let's see how the young QB--and the whole offense--can respond.

Yeah that will be key. Lots of adversity so far.

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Hi All,

Greetings this week from Las Vegas. Just trying to watch some CFL on ESPN 2 and living my best life in the age of Covid.
Go Bombers!


Welcome back David. Are you going to be able to watch the big game tomorrow night?

Hi John,

I think so. Hoping to go to a sports book on the strip to watch it. Just put $20 on the Bombers via my BetMGM app…
Go Bombers!


Saskatchewan came to play tonite. BC better right the ship or it could be a long night. Still lots of time left. Maybe we’ll see a high scoring game.

That was a nice drive.

Go Bombers!

Cottoy's got to hold on to that.

That return looked close to being a safey.

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Bad time to miss a makeable FG but also a bad decision potentially by Alford to run it out.