2022-07-28 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6238)

Montreal Alouettes

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The Hamilton Tiger Cats inability to rush the ball has been a major factor to their 1-5 start in this 2022 season. :thinking: The Cats need to string some wins together starting with a Week 8 home date versus the Als. :rainbow: I like the Cats coming off their tough loss to the Lions. :interrobang:

Early Ticat turnover by Tim White it appears.

And after a lengthy review the turnover is nullified. Early break for Hamilton.

Either a very lucky event for the Ti-cats or a wrong call by HQ
Sure looked to me like Ti-cat receiver took a couple steps before fumbling the ball.

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Ok now the bad call is evened out with that fumble by Montreal that was ruled out after down by contact. Reply showed it was out before Al receiver was down

I would agree but they appear to have evened it out by giving Weinecke a complete pass that was either incomplete or a fumble.

They need help in the turnover department. -13 is not a good number on turnovers...

I don't think he had possession...and command centre says the same...

Nice drive by the 'Cats.

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Three game threads going on at once. I'm going to lurk on all three! :grinning: :+1:

I assume the third one is on the Montreal forum. I think I would get dizzy trying to keep up.

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I just did it! So far so good. If only I could type faster. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Just make the same post in all three at the same time, that should confuse the heck out of everyone....

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I'm already confused...

I would have thought....whoever the punter for Hamilton would have worked on getting the ball out of bounds on punts this week.....

Montreal should be doing the same thing with their qbs as Hamilton is.
I vote for some Vernon Adams in the 2nd half.

He flunked that part of the test but plans to catch up at night kicking school. He'll do better next game.

I can't say I have seen many punts go out this year at all...

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It's because of the rule changes. The punting game MUST get more exciting (I guess).

I read that he had an elbow injury and checked the depth chart for tonight’s game and it appears that Adams isn’t dressed.


Well if he isn't dressed I wouldn't send him out on the field. Nudity is frowned upon in the CFL.


He’s known as a streaky player.

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