2022-07-24 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6237)

Toronto Argonauts

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First regular season CFL game in Nova Scotia. The Argos played the Ti-Cats at Huskies Stadium, in Halifax, in 2005 - pre-season match.

So on TSN at the moment is a MOVIE. They couldn't have started this rescheduled game at 2:00 and get the travelers, who have bent over backwards changing there schedule to be there, out of there by 5:00 instead of 8:00??


Better late than never. Time for the last game of the weekend.

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Riders D looks fairly intact, O has a ton of changes.

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I don’t recall seeing that powder blue colour on the Argos before. Is that new?

Think its third jersey thing.

This could be a long game for Saskatchewan.

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Dolegala just keeping the throws away from defenders so far.

Toronto has to quit those wide throws to Harris - takes too long to develop.

Why wouldn't you run a fake there if you were Toronto?

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And it’s 3-0 TO with 4 minutes left in the 1st.

Is anyone besides Squishy and I watching the game?

Doesn't look like it....either that or they are all eating dinner...

New sideline reporter by the name of Brit Dort. I’ve never heard of her. Or maybe it’s just that Sara was scheduled to be off on Sunday?

I guess so, either that or too long of flights to get home. Guess you have to go Toronto to Calgary to Regina and the same return.
Looks like shes a CTV television person, does the Good Morning show in Regina.

Just followed MBT's eyes....

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Have a deadline to reach tonight. Just sneaking peaks for now.

DLine is pretty decimated. Not expecting them to get pressure without some schemes

You haven’t missed much so far. McBeth just threw an IT though. Now tied 3-3 after the first.

If this forum is reflective of the national TV audience this could be a much lower than usual game ratings wise.

Easy running for Harris...

Also easy to see why they haven't used the light coloured pants. Not a good look when they get wet....

Or when they’re dry if you ask me.


Nice stuff by the D


Stopped him where it counts... Twice.