2022-07-22 Game Tracker Elks vs. Bombers?

I guess they decided not to do game trackers for the Elks any more this season, this will probably turn into the Tracker thread.....


Thanks Squishy. I was about to start one. No doubt several will appear after this but I vote we use this as the game tracker thread.


Went from feast to famine.....we were getting lots and now no auto game tracker for the second week in a row....

As a warm up = watching the Jays dismantle the Red Sox - 11 - 0 top of the 4th. Jays had an inside the park grand slam in the 3rd....

It's getting ugly, a hit, an error, a batter hit and then over the Green monster - 14-0 top of the 4th.

Maybe whoever is in charge at the CFL office went on holiday for two weeks?

Or maybe like usual, for it is the summer, they just decided to mail it in for a few weeks?

Well just to get the ball rolling I predict the Elks will hand the Bombers there first loss of the season tonight. The reason for my prediction I have money riding on the Bombers tonight after a screwup on my part and not understanding how my freebet option worked. LOL! :money_mouth_face:


Well we get a look at Irons after his long drive to Edmonton and Hakeem Butler filling in for Walker and Holley filling in for Locksley...

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This would be a perfect game for Rod Black to call.

But looking at the weather, it looks perfect and any rain does not look like it will make it until after the game.

Rod Black would have to keep his "sultry" line for another night as he welcomes Canada and those of us viewing from the United States. :smiley_cat:

Checking in from beautiful Maui. Perhaps you think I’ve gone mad for putting my dream vacation on hold for a football game. No! This is the best of both worlds!


There is gambling logic in this! :cowboy_hat_face:

Not really, you had to be here when I did it. Oh well I did get a laugh or two out of it at my expense.

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One of the Jeff's out tonight?

Wow! This might be a first during a game on this forum! A mai tai or “plantation tea” sure sounds good now too! Enjoy your trip!

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Yes Jeffcoat is out. I think he was a late scratch too.

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They used to laugh at me for betting the biggest longshot in the Kentucky Derby too…

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Jeffcoat. And Ellingson too.

Wade Miller rumoured to be playing special teams.

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Good of you to join us again.

Waiting for Dave and Tex and maybe others for the weekly following of America’s team. Maybe some here already? I won’t count you Paolo as you are cheering for your team of course.

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Just worries me Schoen, Agadosi, and Wolitarski against that troubled SAM side of the Elks D.
We do have Rafael Leonard back on that corner, a 6'2" ex wide receiver.

Anyone know the attendance?

Bombers by 13. Collaros and Ellingson look scary good.

Ellingson is out tonight. So is Jeffcoat. Both teams with a few significant injuries.