2022-07-21 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6234)

Montreal Alouettes

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Will coach Paul LaPolice of the Ottawa Redblacks be able to lose this Week 7 opener at home versus the Montreal Alouettes :question: Without being fired :interrobang:

Like Khari Jones, Lapolice was not hired by his current GM ... but unlike Jones, Laps' GM is not a former coach ... so my guess is yes, he can survive.

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Reality wise, I thought Lapo did an excellent job of focusing his team on football last week with all the distractions.

I also thought Evans did a great job for having as little first team practice as he did. A little confidence from a decently played game last week and he will likely be better this week. If he can avoid the rush from Montreal he should have a good night....

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Ottawa's GM has no desire to be a coach, contrary to Maciocia. Maciocia would have fired Mike O'Shea or Dave Dickenson or anyone in Jones's position, just so he could coach. I don't believe his "I don't want to coach" BS. LaPo should be alright.


I never quite got the offensive GURU thing with Paul. Don't dislike him but he would not have even got interview if I was putting team together. If anything I feel sorry for him. Am rooting for Red Blacks tonight because they are the sad sacks of my beloved CFL this year.

Did Paul not shake hands with Hamilton coaches last week? One announcer said he went directly to tunnel after missed fg?

We are all curious about Arbuckle, but Evans did nothing to deserve a sitdown

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This one holds some interest though. Especially with Montreal. Have all the changes made them better or will changing DC's and defensive schemes leave them with blow coverage's and missed assignments?

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Squishy, did you see the way Maciocia energized his troops with that rousing pre game speech? Montreal is so much better off with Meletonin Man at the helm. :sleeping:

Up, up, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Not sure why they call it a fumble “recovery”.

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I guess because a 'fumble recovery' is exactly the same as an 'illness recovery'.

Similarily, a football is like a tumour (It's in all the Football Medical texts) Now you know. :smiley: :+1:

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Montreal defence starting off right where they left off last week....

Nice drive by Evans too. Great excution.

He was pretty vocal and a bit in the face of Steinhauer but they did shake as they walked away.

Good starting field position for the Red Blacks every possession.

Montreal offence starting where they left off against the Elks too, 24 yards in the first? D is going to be gassed by halftime....

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Andre Proulx is a mystery to me.

Whenever I've seen him ref It's like there is a delayed reaction between his brain and the words coming out his mouth.

I thought, no problem, English is his second language and he needs to communicate the decisions clearly.

Now I sit here watching tonight to discover he sounds exactly the same when speaking French.

Ottawa is playing well. Happy for the fans that it is not pouring rain.

Yes big play and a score but the D was only off the field for almost a minute and a half.........

Looking like a tale of two quarters so far.

Ottawa's D has to get it together and stop the big plays.....Might be time to change DC's. Barron Miles might help out....

Nothing like showing the same commercial 6 times per quarter.

Time for TSN 2.0

This plot kinda looks familiar.....