2022-07-21 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. BC Lions (6235)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Nothing gets us old dogs more excited than a good old fashioned cat fight. Meowwww!


One way or the other let’s hope for a good clean game. But in my case “Go Lions Go”!

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The Cats are due for a big game. They have the talent and the depth to eat the Lions raw - and they will, Cats by 10!

Time to spark up this thread.

Lucky catches a long one to open the game!

I’m going to offer to ref this one from my couch. Hard to be worse than last game.

Pure amateur hour there....

useless flags already.

what was that flag on the receiver there?


you got that right CFL. nothing.

forget changing the game....and the rules.

just start calling the flags differently. that'll improve this game!

You could see that "oh look it is the football" moment from Howsare....

Most flag happy crew in the league... Thank goodness we won't see them tomorrow in Edmonton....

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In spite of flags two very entertaining games so far this week

Rourke still looking great and Hamilton has come to play

Long live the CFL

Absolute challenge in the PI

Coach O has got to win this one

Good challenge here I think. They can’t let that stand as PI. I think.

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It looks like we have gotten the two bad crews out of the way for tomorrow.

Good non call on this one.

One for the command center

They must have had time to sober up after the early game....

Fairly close half, although Hamilton’s kicking woes continue.

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Whitehead is one guy you can't loose track of.....

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He’s back this game. Was held in check by the Bombers.

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If you have to pick one guy to shut down on the Lions O, he's the guy you need to shutdown, he can burn you so fast...

Evans got game. Perfect throw

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They are certainly not laying down like I thought they might after that last BC TD.

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