2022-07-16 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Toronto Argonauts (6232)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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If Toronto can't win this one given Sask's injury list they never will. Wonder if tsn will mention any of the injuries this week. Probably not.

And don't forget the dumbass that is in game one of a four game suspension

Enjoy flogging a dead horse?

Well for certain one team gonna get flogged tonight, and tomorrow too

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The Riders need to borrow the Argos' graphic designer.

I agree. Let's see more designs like the people in Edmonton and Toronto are doing.

Here's another one from Toronto:

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Looking at this stuff, if a person knew nothing about the CFL, which team would they think was the marketing juggernaut and which team would be the one struggling to get butts in the seats?

I bet the mystery outsider would get it wrong.

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Wonder what the deal was with the pregame helmet throw.

Ya , good lookin’ crowd, For the. Halifax . Hooligan’

Where’s the fly over. ?

FMFan on Twitter: "@CFL clearly Sask didn’t learn from the. Marino crap last week… now Duke williams throws a helmet at a Argo player lol… what’s these players coming to.. https://t.co/xbo5M61dgR" / Twitter

how does Duke William not get suspended after the game for this is beyond me


Id like to hear the whole story. But yes, throwing a helmet at a player should definitely see supplemental discipline.

Did they sing the American anthem?

Wide right from Lauther with Banks conceding the single

1-0 SK

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