2022-07-16 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6233)

I see.

Still enjoyed that game, but I am CFL amateur

I didn’t see the first half too


Go Bombers!

Wonder if Plop LaPolice & Mike Benavides get bundled in the next CFL firings - or Ottawa runs out the string with Plop & Benny as a cost-saving measure?

Can’t blame him for Masoli’s injury or their brutal schedule. It is also obvious that Caleb Evans isn’t ready to start in this league. Hopefully they will give them a bit of time to see what the team can do with Arbuckle starting. If Masoli was playing today I would say that they would have a better than even chance of winning.

What is that lovely Golden Dome of Christ at that one end of Hamilton Tiger Cat’s Field?

It’s another great CFL game that will come down to the dwindling minutes of the time clock’s fate!

You pay men 25,000-75,000, maybe plus to throw, run, block, hit, catch and cover to picks;
You best know,
You get the best of men’s emotion in a game

Nothing better than watching
Ottawa RedBlacks
Hamilton TigerCats
in my little

These fellas hit & play!

Masoli had to leave to get a Jochaim Murat, J.E.B. Stuart, and George Custer jeerie curl, or get a haircut.

Just a little information that even down under whitey doesn’t know down here in da “50 States”,
DUNAR is a poetic name ……

Another massive Evans miscue. It woke me up as I was falling asleep watching this snooze fest.

And Ottawa converts on a one yard plunge to take the lead.

I would hazard a guess that if you want entertainment that you should check out the Ticats game thread now.

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Well. Looks like I am going to go 0-4 in my predictions this week. Great defensive play by Ottawa.
P.S Please stop playing Dane Evans. Shiltz was doing good in the second quarter.

OMG, not again.....I think I see smoke coming from the Hamilton room...

You would think they would work on that with him. Tell him how to cover the points of the ball Forde......

And then they come back with a designed run to Evans. What are they smoking in Hamilton?

Hamilton O cord Sucks

We still winning

Still hope for Hamilton!

And then it’s 3rd and goal.

And intercepted.

0-4 for me this week.

Could be a choke too.

This really is the Toilet Bowl.

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Nice choke with a 5th turnover. They were calling for Schiltz on the Hamilton thread but no better than Evans.

Still not over. Last mistake loses.

I’ve never seen such impotence by an offensive coordinator as Hamilton’s!

I even posted on the last game thread too on his ignorance.

DaJesus !

Fire Hamilton O cord


Many of their fans agree with you.

They also have no offensive line.

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And it’s still not over! Even in the Toilet Bowl there is excitement! Gotta love the CFL for that.

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what if the kicker misses and Ottawa returns it for a safety?

Well it didn’t happen.