2022-07-15 Game Tracker Bombers and Stampeders this week Game of the Week? (6231)

I have been looking forward to this match up far more than than I was to BC last week.

Looks like Moxey, Philpot, and Sindani out for Calgary and I cant find an injury report posted for Winnipeg.

Should be a great game as both teams come in winning.....

Here you go Squishy:

Jackson Jeffcoat and Mike Miller have the same nagging ankle problems they had last season. Maybe their socks are too tight. They'll answer the bell. :smiley: :+1:

Agent Orange and Ricky Walker might not be available. We'll see.


Imagine what a healthy Jeffcoat could do!


Pretty short lists on both sides though. Philpot and Sindani are the worst of it both wide receivers.

Miller is a big loss when out. How the hell we ever let him go I will never understand. Just part of the massively effective job Sunderland did of gutting talent......

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Sunderland was secretly working for us.

OMG. when you look at what he did here - I do really honestly feel for the Redblacks. I am convinced myself that Rick Campbell built the team and when he left - they pissed away so much talent, same as he did here. The most he did to help was bring in Harris and Ellingson. And then through poor management and coaching convinced them to leave town.....

That's why when the Elks play the words you hear least are 20XX draft pick. The only draft picks we have are this years...

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Hugh Campbell was no slouch either.

Five Grey Cups... makes our 'Threepeat' aspirations sound reachable. Not nearly as mighty, but reachable.

You BUILD success in football. It's funny to think, everyone thought OShea's head was on the block the season before massive success.

It's like that though with people they want it to be instant and it isn't in football. Huf in Calgary, OShea, He who's name shall not be mentioned in connection with the Riders - I mean EVERYONE forgets the year before he got there they had 4 wins. He built continued success for them, so they ran him out of town.

Hugh set us up to be successful for a long long time and every time in the last 22 years we build success we piss it all away. Maas I could never understand. Better every year he's here and replace him with a tennis coach......


Not listed on the injury report are the 6 gamers, and there are lots....
Starters : Demski, Couture, Wilson, Maston, and Alexander
Also others like Prukp, Briggs, Hallet, Richmond

If Orange is out, not sure what we do...we don't have another Canadian there that I know of....do we go with Woli as the only NI?

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Yes everyone is trying to knock guys over instead of tackling the last couple years. The toll on hips knees and ankles and feet has been terrible.

Maybe that needed to be part of the CBA that if you have X number of Canadians that have played X number of games on the 6 game you can modify the ratio.
Put it in the PA's hands to monitor injuries for that.

It's really the complaint everyone had with the ratio, having to use second string guys because of injuries.

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That is a whopping injury list. Apparently Orange is indeed out. I didn’t catch what happened to him.

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I just saw we have a former Rifle WR on the PR, and also signed a LB cut by the Elks earlier.
Hopefully we don't need to put the Rifle guy on the field.

Maybe Briggs will be back and we can start him, then put Grant at SB?


He was listed as a 'Hazardous Chemical'. Agent Orange has been proven to be unhealthy for opposing backfields.

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We signed another Canadian:


The Blue Bombers added two players to the practice roster on Tuesday – American linebacker Brian Cole, who was most recently with the Edmonton Elks and was a seventh-round draft pick of the Minnesota Vikings in 2020 and Winnipeg Rifles receiver Luke McMillan, who had an outstanding training camp before being released last month.



There are a lot of players on the 6 game for almost everyone this year....

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And now add Orange to the 6 game for the Bombers.
They officially have the worst NI depth there, with only Wolitarsky.

All I know is that Ellingson & Schoen will get theirs, but we will need to hear Bailey's name a few times for sure. Hardly even noticed him past couple weeks.

Please O & DLines, another great game like last week!

Funny how guys rip on some GM's for the number of guys they move through but this is when having that big book or a skinny book shows up.
Being able to fill the holes when guys get hurt makes the difference.

Can't cheer for the Stamps - ever so go Bombers.

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How can you cheer for either, ? But it will be a good game.

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Cheer for a tie haha…

It seems like the system hasn't created a gametracker thread for this one yet. We'll probably get 4 or 5 of them tomorrow morning, though. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyways, here's some depth charts for tonight.

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