2022-07-14 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. Montreal Alouettes (6230)

Edmonton Elks

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If the Als lose, they could be in deep #$@&. The rest of the east will start winning, and a crossover is a given at this point. Their defence has to dominate.

Als by 13.


The east may have a shot here.

Oh, wait. Maccocia.

Never mind

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A combined 2-7 on the season, but hopefully we could still get an entertaining game out of this. :crossed_fingers:

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Tyrell Richards is going to get his first start tonight.

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And if the game's a dud, at least it's being played in Montreal where a pie fight could break out at any minute.



I'm loving these gameday posters the Elks are producing this year:


Not as creative as the Elks' one, but still looks good:


Biggest changes for the Elks this week are QB obviously, and a change at SAM side DB where Jalen Collins takes over from Nafees Lyon who was hurt hast week.

Also returning from injury this week is DE Pharoah McKever.

WOOO! Diddn't see the drive, just the end...

That MTL locker room shot looked more like a lynch mob than a bunch of excited players....

They give us some hope but I am holding out including after an apparently shanked convert kick.

Hasn't Castillo missed quite a few of those already this early in the season?

Sure it's only a point, but c'mon now get with it practice all damn week.

Or that's it maybe I will practice and suit up for next year just for those and strategic punts if these guys can't make their converts.

Thats the tough end to kick in with the university buildings closing it in.

For sure he needs to get his stuff together though...

Nice when the QB can move and pick up the yards too.

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Horsecollar? not called?

Well, all the joy was that first drive for touchdown until the bad omen of the failed convert by Castillo. Oh well. :roll_eyes:

"Hey you over there. Start sharpening that axe again."

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Man, I left to take the dog for a walk when it was 6-0. Come back, and it's 24-6. Quite the turnaround.

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Pretty good tackle there by Harris. I thought it was a sure TD.

LEAST he could do after that pathetic pass

Lol, well there is that, yeah. Still, some QBs would just give up.

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I haven't seen much (or maybe nothing at all) of Locksley's arm. Any Elks fans out there have input? Would you like to see him get more reps as QB? Like Ford, he'd give them more athletic options on offense.