2022-07-09 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. BC Lions (6229)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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The 4-0 Bombers visit the 3-0 B.C Lions in Week 5. :lion: The winner of this game will be undefeated with the Calgary Stampeders who are 4-0 after Week 5 :exclamation:

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Most anticipated game of the season so far. It's early, but should be fun. I'm picking BC, but wouldn't be shocked to see a blowout by either side, or a last-possession-wins kind of game.


I do not see the Lions winning this... But I also am not willing to bet on my prediction.


By all measurable methods Bombers should not win this game:

  1. Short work week. Coming off fluke vs. Toronto
  2. Lack of coverage speed vs. BC's fleet-footed WRs
  3. Rourke's escapability - this will be challenged by Jefferson, Jeffcoat, Thomas, etc. but I see Rourke winning more than losing
  4. Bombers lack of field stretch. No burner WRs - at least ones that are open with regularity
  5. Hobbled/limited o-line - Hardrick is banged up, so too is Warrior Neufeld. Gray has proven to be somewhat soft in the season's early stages. Collaros runs the risk of not finishing tonite's match.
  6. Special teams - Bombers are fairly stout in limiting returns but occasionally tend to fall asleep. Lions are worse but emboldened by Bombers lack of breakout returners.
  7. Coaching - a slight plus to the Bombers based on continuity alone and Bomber's solid discipline & try. Porky Campbell is starting to feel his oats as a CFL headman - he just has to stay within himself and not try to outsmart O'Shea
  8. Running backs - No Harris means no big YAC yds on rushes or swing passes. Oliveria & Augustine too often go down on first contact - nowhere near the horsepower of even 35 yr old Andrew "Husky" Harris
  9. NO Demski - this might be the biggest issue of all. Demski extremely versatile and in-sync with Collaros. His replacements all limited by kinks in their game.
  10. Homefield advantage - this rarely happens in Vancouver where crowds of 12,000 are the norm. But 18,000 screamos can pick up the slack. Who knows how disruptive 20 or 21,000 might be to the Bomber's cadence at the lines of scrimmage.

Won't be a 53-0 thrashing of the Big Blue but won't be an 18-17 BC win either.

Should the lions prevail ~ prolly 38-19 or somesuch


Still a lot of tickets available on Ticketmaster, but it looks like they'll do better than the 14,000 they got for the Argos two weeks ago.

A problem league wide. I get a kick out of the constant chatter from those in Winnipeg & Regina who mock the big cities. There's new stadii in Regina & Winnipeg. The former stopped selling out after year 1, the latter didn't sell out for the 2 time champions banner unveiling & isn't selling out regularly either. :grin:

Bombers vs Lions... It's week five in the CFL, game 5 for Winnipeg, game 4 for Vancouver.

BC has all the advantages in this one. A tired, injured Winnipeg team on the road, short turnaround week evening game facing the red-hot Nathan Rourke and friends who lead the league in most stats, relaxed and playing at home with their largest crowd to date doing nothing but having fun.....

This is the week everyone been waiting for. This is the week Nathan takes off his training wheels and puts on his big boy pants.......

"They’ve got us right where we want ’em. We can shoot in every direction now.”

Chesty Puller

As a homer I'm still standing with my Winnipeg Blue Bombers, win lose or just plain luck one out.


Be nice to see a very good game for a change. Edmonton proved they were not ready for prime time... Just like every team from the East. This is mostly what is killing the CFL... Always 4 or 5 VERY crappy teams... Keep the damn easy west format BUT for play offs just top teams only . More often than not we fans deserve to see the two best teams on the cup final and not a first place showing in the east that would not be placed in third place if they were in the west


Fans are showing almost as much interest in the CFL as the CFL does.

Team presidents making $400,000 asking students to buy a $60 ticket. Students are smarter than that.

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I agree with most of what you said except for your special teams comments. The Bombers have been pretty stout at limiting returns as you say. I do think they have a breakout returner in Janarion Grant, he just hasn’t broken one yet. Their kicking has been consistently very good and O’Shea teams rarely are outperformed on special teams. Anything can happen in one game of course, but I do see special teams to be one of the few Bomber edges on paper heading into the game.


I would put good money on the fact that, after this week, all the western teams who aren't absolute dumpster fires are gonna have 4 wins each.

Bombers listed as +3.5 pt underdogs.

Looking forward to this one...and hanging out with some awesome Winnipeg and BC fans...

Since the home side gets 3 pts automatically it's damn near an even pick....


OK, factor in Leggio's big leg and decent consistency on place-kicks and the Bombers have a very slight paper advantage. But Jenn. Grant can't continue to be the man of promise. Sooner or later he'll have to bust one (like most other teams already have) or the Bombers will be looking for a burner to be set free (aka Cut) from the NFL camps.

I wonder if there was anyway to change the play-off format for this season ?

Here would be my proposal the way this season is going : Have a 4 team play-off between the Lions , Stamps , Bombers and Riders . The two winners meet in the Cup . As for the other 5 teams ? Well to put it nicely....Screw them ! they honestly don't deserve or merit consideration to be anywhere near the play-offs this season .

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Pretty decent line. If the Bombers can keep things tight for 3 quarters, ie. inside 7 pts one way or another I'll be proud.
Don't see Bombers winning as they'll run outta gas down the stretch in BC (travel, short week, injuries, under-powered/speeded reserves, etc.)
Keeping it close for 45 minutes or thereabouts will tell me the Bombers are the real deal (even with the Loss of The Magnificent 7). I suspect BC will stretch the lead in the 4th - maybe win going away by 14 to 22 pts.

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Grant is doing double duty trying to inject some speed into the offense while still returning kicks. It is asking a lot for a smaller guy but hammer down while it is going good.

Tyrell Ford might be another option given his athleticism. I believe he was the faster twin. Maybe too Canadian.

I'll say two of the teams you named won't be there at the end. Still first trimester.

That was thorough Lyle. Our battered, weary out-matched Bombers have little or no chance against BC. No arguement here. But in the unlikely event that we go into the Lions' Den this evening and come out a winner you'll have to let us know how we did it.

I'll expect your report on my desk first thing in the morning. :smiley: :+1: