2022-07-08 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6228)

Ottawa Redblacks

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All I ask is for a closer, more entertaining game than last night, that's all. That's not being too selfish is it, others would benefit as well....Please.


Cash or credit card only at the Stadium tonight due to Rogers shutdown!


And no to all the Riders fans heading to the game, watermelons are not a tradeable currency.


Yep, they may attract mosquitoes from Manitoba.....

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Guys, we've posted signs all over the stadium. Please DO NOT feed the mosquitos. We know they're cute but once they lose their fear of humans they'll be all over us.


Oh yes they are... Really really drunk fans take them on trade for one for one for one basis on stadium beer :beer::beer:


That delay last night of just over an hour felt like 2.5 too! Please no more of those!

That TSN set certainly tap danced a lot, but lack of awareness of the real possibility every single year showed.

Hopefully somebody at TSN is working on a "Storm Package" during such occasions when it's okay to not have them talking so much to fill time and just show highlights and various footage from around the league.

Those who tune away will do so anyway, but most fans like watching highlights again even though you can search them out yourself.

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Maybe it will be a great night for barter and for various contraband?

"ONE NIGHT ONLY! The Riders Bazaar at Mosaic Stadium!" :thinking:

No @Paolo_X NOBODYS Interac in western Canada is working....Rogers screwed it all up at 4 am. and with their usual efficiency its still busted. It's part of their plan to gain customers......

So I read! I secretly want a Canadian revolution over this, for it is inexcusable in any modern nation much like some of the hijinks at hand routinely down here since most especially 2014, but that's another several rants elsewhere!

So, with the Rogers mayhem and no ATMs, with the economy migrating fully to cash, credit, barter, whisky, precious metals, petroleum, diamonds, marijuana and contraband, Mr. Beaver for Prime Minister at last? :thinking:

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing riding on it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nobody's immune form problems. Telus had a fire not long ago that took our their Edmonton Fiber (not sure about the rest.) BUT they had it back up inside an hour.

My IP changed but they did so well inside their network I didn't have to change anything to keep my remote connections to my media server working on my phone....

Probably a long list of installs for Telus piling up today though.....

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This is one of those times you would hope for a Facebook or Twitter outage, such as we had last October for Facebook, so the rest of us could get along just fine like usual.

Now I suppose Rogers has a much dirtier name beyond only those who don't like Toronto?

Lets just keep the answer short - hell yes....

Is TV out too? Don't know...I switched to Telus when the Shaw installer ran off and left my install unfinished. So I connected the modem the right way around......

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Looks like the Riders line got religion...pretty holey.....

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Redblacks lucky to give up only 3

I'm sad there are many Rogers subscribers who are evidently not with us tonight. Ay yai yai!

I think things are back up and running. They are for me, at least.

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Yeah! Small victories.....

But maybe not this challenge....He's allowed to go for the ball and he did get a hand on it....