2022-07-07 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Edmonton Elks (6227)

Calgary Stampeders

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Let's see how EE are progressing. Last week didn't really prove much to me but the improvement continues. Game on.

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Rivalry game. Let's see if they can get loads of kids out for this one.


Elks' Starters:

Calgary's Starters:

Well, the Elks have improved week on week. Last week probably released a lot of frustration, especially for the defence. Might play better playing a little looser.

Not to mention although he only got a few mentions on the broadcast Hutter played a great game at Safety last week with 6 tackles and a forced fumble and there were no big blown coverage plays against the defence either.

I was impressed with Badie, who's filling in for Wilder (who has failed to impress me since his rookie year). As long as the score is close, I expect the Elks will rely heavily on handoffs to Badie to keep the offense simple till Ford gets more comfortable with reading coverage and making strong, accurate throws.

Good picture. I think they should have had at least one Elk skewering a horse. It’s unfair that the poor Stamp player has to deal with an Elk head on. If we based the outcome on their animal names the Elks would win hands down.

…‘nuf said

Not to mention all the elk Elks are leading with their heads.

Dirty ruminants!


I tell you there is nothing better than seeing some of these player photos. Most have a great smile, or are trying to look more serious. But then you have the occasional kidnapping victim pose from Thomas, or just straight confused what am I doing here from Henry.

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I mean I thought leading with your head was something that only Simoni did on a regular basis?

Elk are fantastic on defense but their offensive game needs lots of work, they just lack that killer instinct.

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I also thought getting Litre running makes the run game open up too. You can't key on one guy because there are three ways to burn you with the run/run option game.

It also keeps the linebackers at home and defences have to choose who to double cover or rush three so they can double cover.


So when do you think we'll get to see Kai Locksley and Tre Ford do something that no other team is doing in the CFL these days... namely show up in the backfield behind centre at the same time? I KNOW that evil genius Chris Jones has something in the works here. Just look at Kai Lockley's preseason passing stats from game two:

Chris Jones is not known for being an overly creative offensive mind.

He does know defense but the offense on teams he coaches for tends to be very vanilla.

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I dunno about that. This is the first time the CFL has changed the rules to allow for this kind of scenario to happen and currently the Elks have TWO QB's (one's playing receiver right now) starting on offense. They're just weeks away from getting comfortable with each other...

Not saying some coach won't do it....but I expect to see it out of Ottawa with LaPo or maybe Dinwitted but not CJ.

It could happen there too. The thing of it is, only the Elks have two QB's starting in their offense so far.

Those plays (as Toronto showed Monday) take a lot of practice to pull off because there is lots of timing involved that HAS to go right to succeed. We will wait and see but I wouldn't bet against it....

Probably because he's a Defensive Coordinator.......last time I looked anyway....