2022-07-04 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Toronto Argonauts (6226)

Oh geez... I thought he was serious. TSN radio is igoring us? Remind me never to listen to TSN radio.

Yup, this is your new home Andrew! He got his energy from the fans, and they got theirs from him. Don't think he'll get that there.

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You may be right. Could it be that Andrew Harris thinks that 'BMO' stands for 'Buy me one'?

LOL, Milt & Matt just burned Sanchez good!

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Man, seeing Harris there, he looks as focused as he did in the 19 Grey Cup.

USA national anthem at a CFL game!!

Are you kidding me?

I guess they really are USA wannabees in Toronto.


Speaking of buy me one . . . I wish I had bought myself one or three more of these earlier today. A 9% Belgian put out by a local craft brewery. So good. But no more in the fridge. :unamused:


9%! Can't drink those around the fire!


It's Independence Day in the US... and half the CFL consists of Americans. Not much of a stretch for them to do it.


Very easy to drink, which can be trouble.


The big question is will Harris jump into the endzone stands to celebrate with those dozen fans?


Good return to start the game.

And now Hardrick is down. Ouch.

NOooooooooo! Hardrick down.

He looks ok...RT doesn't need to be able to do sprints so give him 6 plays and will be back

It would just be easier for the fans to come down to the field and celebrate instead.


God the Argos have ugly jerseys

How’s that ankle now!?!

MBT up to his old tricks! Pick six!

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Well when you stare down your receivers for a solid 5 count what do you expect...

:man_shrugging: Listening on 680 so all I hear is the throw and then calling the pick.

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