2022-07-02 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6225)

Montreal Alouettes

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Who will the Als be starting at the running back position :question:

Antwi, backed by Fletcher.

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Hoping the coaches and players are actually ready for this one.... Compete break down last week hopefully will not be repeated

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2 close games so far this weekend, hoping we can make it 3 here. Should be, but I would have said the same about last week's meeting & we know what happened there.

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And both featured 50+ points put up. Here's to hoping both trends continue.



If Fajardo hasn't figured out how to look off DBs on pass routes, its going to be another long game.

Maas needs to call plays that move Fajardo around in the pocket. He needs to be a moving target, especially with the O Line woes. If that doesn't work, then the Riders need to go with a TE or keep a fullback home to help with blocking. Hopefully the blocking schemes have been made simpler, as well, since the OLine anchor is still out, with a rookie standing in.

Defensively, Marshall needs to remember that missing a guy while jumping a route leads to a touchdown the other way if he misses. Less selfish, more team. Make the play if its there, but also remember the risk/reward doesnt always work in your favour. Sometimes simple coverage and wrapping up is better than the spectacular showboat moment.

Speaking of wrapping up... reminder to Safeties fundamental tackling instead of going for the kill shot.

And last but MOST IMPORTANT... discipline! Control the penalties.

Thus endeth my sermon.


Riders special teams need work....still.....

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As long as Worthy is playing I want to be picked as the potential million dollar winner by Save on Foods for two kick off returns in a game.

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They crashed in instead of protecting their lanes. Thats as much a discipline issue as the penalties are.

Film should have fixed that, but didn't

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They didn't fix anything on the O-line during the week either.......


Rider O Line looking like another turnstile convention. Hey Als don’t bother knocking. Just come on in.

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Riders Oline continues into its second year of being the weakest in the cfl. When are they going to get some veterans to fill in the gaps

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Needed a scoop and score there. Offence won't punch it in.

Williams beat the back and had to wait so long for the ball Jones had time to slow down and time up his hit......

Fajardo needs a series off to get his head straight.

Is there anybody covering the centre of the field for the Riders?

Given what passes for PI on a challenge I’m surprised that Dickenson didn’t challenge. It was worth the risk.

Looks like they didn't fix that from last week either....

2 open at 8 to 12 yds, and he threw a duck into triple coverage