2022-07-01 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6224)

Edmonton Elks

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Let's discuss tonight's Cats-Elks game here instead of last week's Als-Riders game.

Hopefully a better showing of the Green on this coming game.

Why the heck did the system make another thread for this game?


Sorry, rider01.1, but I think we can lock this one. . . . on second thought, I'm going to change it into a thread for today's game.

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This article was written thinking that Arbuckle would be starting. Maybe the number of sacks Edmonton has given up is one of the reasons for the switch to Ford.

Just another extension of exhibition games, to figure the team out.

Gotta think, Elks are in the first year of a rebuild. Last years management showed very early on they had no idea what they were doing when they cut Sean Lemon.
All the other teams with new management/coaches are in their second year of rebuild.

For that - I think the Elk will struggle in the front half of the season. Outside the first game though - they have been in the game going into the fourth quarter and despite the competition being stiffer have been closer at the end of each game.

I expect to see a good close game today .

I think the title of this article is wrong
"The Ticats Host the Elks for Canada Day" should read
The Ticats ROAST the Elks for Canada Day" :smiley: LOL :smiley:

Agree game score getting closer...Elks by 6

Love those Ham unis. 100% Steel Town look

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Lawlor looked every bit worth the money on that catch and run.

Tre Ford looks really promising
CFL should have gone to five imports on offense and five on defence to stop the worry over the ratio

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Chris Jones is a moron as coach 2 consecutive QB sneaks!!!

His speed and ability to roll out keeps the linebackers at home and makes covering receivers harder...


So happy to see that market research shows CFL audiences are prime consumers of toenail fungus treatments.


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Nice to see that he's reading the offense well enough to find receivers on broken plays.

The likes Dentu-creme, Preparation H, Pepto Bismol, Depends, any given antacid can't be far behind as they seek to replace their "60 Minutes" demographic of 50 years!

CFL marketing woohoo!

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Staying on theme as of course we try to help the CFL with marketing for years here and are not getting younger, and now at the end of the quarter, a message for many CFL fans by Metamucil ...? :roll_eyes: :smile:

I generally agreed with you, but look at the special teams poop the bed for us most especially already.

Finally went wide