2022-06-25 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. BC Lions (6222)

Toronto Argonauts

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Game day!

I'm excited to see this one for a bunch of reasons.

I’m excited for this match up also… only 9hrs and 45 min to go Lions go.

Excited too, but from the other side of the fence. Today you're the bad guy, boo, hiss.
Cool poster, should have more of these, but it seems a little strange to see an obviously TO poster done up so nice for a BC home game. What's with that? Seems like something you'd only see for a home game to me. And for the record 5 hungry lions should have no problems with 3 Argos, good thing it's 12 on 12 on the field. :smile:

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Well, I ripped it from the Argos FB page; hence the Argos emphasis. But yeah it looks pretty cool.

It's one of those games . . . I'm cheering for my team, but also hoping the home team does well enough to entertain their fans and keep them coming back.

Here's a promo video the Lions FB page has up:

And an image I like:

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In other count down news… 7 months and three days untill I am on the beach in Roatan😎

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100th regular season meeting, an interesting thing to know. May the best fan, I mean the best team win!


According to the game notes, my Argos have a lot catching up to do.

BC leads the all-time series 59-38-2. I wouldn't have guessed it'd be that lopsided. In Vancouver, the record is 31-16 in the Lions' favour.

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Doing some scouting for Global players (or maybe cheerleaders)?

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Suspect that the time zones have something to do with that. It's all in the head but starting a game at 10pm (Argo time) is probably a factor.

Scouting cheap beers and other assorted superbowl fans at beach bars… . cheerleaders in bikinis are high on the list of attractions


Let's go Rourke, Butler, Whitehead! I'll be watching at home because I'm sick...

Starting this off to avoid confusion because another site generated thread just reared its ugly head.

Does anyone know the attendance in BC tonite?

Rourke and the Lions picking up right where they left off.

Could be a long night for the Argos.

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Lions picked up where they left off and up 7-0 quickly!

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Not great from the camera angle - either that or they are all getting cheap drinks......

So apparently there are two different threads for this game. I went to the other one but I am here now! Game #2! (BTW, nice pitch and catch by the Lions)
Go Bombers!

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Rourke just has that QB spidey sense thing. Makes all the right moves at the right time.

Great minds think alike.

BTW, the computer generated a duplicate thread a few minutes ago that you may want to lock.

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So who's asleep on the boxscore of this Argonauts-Lions game? It's not up yet!