2022-06-23 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Montreal Alouettes (6219)

Game plan killed the Riders tonight. That complex Maas offence. When you have a rookie centre playing against a very good D-line like Montreal you gotta simplify for your o-line and run a lot or your QB spends a lot of time picking himself up off the turf.

Having your starting center out is a big deal, in its own way as big a deal as, for example, losing your starting left tackle. The center is the guy who sets the protections and gets everyone lined up to block properly. A backup center thrust into that role, on the road, on a short week, facing a desperate team with a tough defensive front? No surprise the Riders struggled. I fully expect SSK to play at a far higher level in the rematch next week in Regina...

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You're not wrong, but the Als had people out, too. And the Riders REALLY need to address their penalty problem.

Als played well though. Good film work and smart play exposed the Riders

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Yeah, my Als definitely won the penalty battle, which is funny because in our loss to Toronto last week, we were Team Penalty (100 yards in the first half alone, including an ejection).

I am going to be very curious to see how both teams come out the gate in the rematch. And whether Fine comes into the game earlier if Fajardo struggles...

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Yeah tough to put a proper game plan in on one practice.

If they get smacked around next week ill be concerned

They had one practice between games. Likely just rolled with it from last week while Montreal had an eternity to watch film and prep for this one

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Yes. And I don't think Montreal is trash either... they probably finish first or second in the East.

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Saskatchewan mailed it in tonight on the road after a win and against an 0-2 team on a short week. And, Montreal was hungry for a win. Classic.

Also it looks like Chris Jones might be right about Fajardo taking off to run way too early instead of being a passer first in this game.

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Love watching the green riders get trounced

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The only thing I enjoy watching more in life is the leafs losing and Bo Levi choking in big games

How many grey cup rings does 19 have again?

No surprise. Als DL is good & ate up a very mediocre OL. Clark gone, maybe Evans. Things piling up. Penalties have been a hallmark of the Dickenson era. He's gotta get that fixed.

I think the Als are the most underrated team in the league... arguably they should be 3-0 with a power ranking after Winnipeg and Calgary. Perhaps tied for third with BC.


@Dealerd: What you mean the way Farjardo just did? Wasn't that something! The Riders and Farjardo tried to imitate the Stamps and Mitchel's playing technique in an attempt to steal this weeks headlines. The only problem is the Riders and Farjardo don't have the jam and talent to pull off a come from behind Victory. The Stamps did it to both the Als and Ticats and that must have really messed up Farjardo's mind. Guess Farjardo 's not going to make the elite status TSN was so excited about this season. I figure Farjardo is all washed up. And WOW Duke was so lucky to get that "on your back" completion. He shouldn't have tried it again near their end zone. Luck ran out on him and the Als defense got another 7 points. HA! HA! HA! Hey Duke take what lady luck presents to you and don't get so greedy next time.

The entire team to man did not play well...not just the QB Cody had guys in his face in one second after the snap...not by any means the QB at fault when that happens is it!
The ONLY positive is that good teams when getting shellacked should do some soul searching and figure out some basic shite...Montréal is far from the team they were last year and could easiy have been 3 wins right now


Anybody who didn't see this coming after the Elks beat themselves last week wasn't paying attention.

Shout out to Logan Bandy on getting his first game in and who also has likely never been as sore as he is this morning. It was not an easy assignment and a typical first game. He will learn from it.


We were paying attention but sometimes the obvious escapes us. We only see what we want to see, it's a very human failing. :see_no_evil:

We didn't hear his name a whole lot, & that's a good sign for Sask fans.