2022-06-23 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Montreal Alouettes (6219)

They knew that in January and hoped for the best with what they had

Yep. And its biting them hard

That was a Stanback-like run for a first down. If the Als get their run game going, look out.

Riders D piling up the penalty yards.... and time on the field....

Much as I hate the Proulx crew, most of the calls seem legit so far.

Dickenson needs to crack down on these guys. Back when I played, this many penalties would result in a LOT of windsprints.

Had one coach run us until the number of pukes matched the number of penalties. Just sayin

Did anyone catch the picture of Suitor with his boyfriend Keith Urban?

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I feel like now you are going to be a coach just so you can share this awful experience with a number of perhaps future stars just like also that time when they figured you out as the villain on Scooby-Doo and you lamented in disgust with the trademark line.

I just noticed the narrower hashmarks are barely visible on the McGill field. The old width just feels right.

I wouldn't expect a modern coach (or pro players, for that matter) to do that. But discipline is definitely as issue, and it will only get worse until Dickensen finds a way to hold them accountable.

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I would have thought he would have had them running wind sprints all week after last weeks flag fest....

Nice to see everyone headed back to their huddle sharpish after the play though...

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I don’t believe they had any practices since last game.

Certainly looks that way

Hmmm. Another 20 point first half lead for the team I picked. How can I not be confident?

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Will the riders get to 100 yards penalties in the first half? They are at 80+ now...

Its all about setting goals :grin:

You could see that Lewis came down with the ball with his toe OB just before the 3 minute warning. Sask video coach asleep at the screen. A good tip off was Lewis urging them to run another play quickly.

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56% completion rate for Fajardo for the first half and 20 yards rushing.....

And some thought the Bombers had problems.....

League is really wide open at this point.

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Can TSN please turn of the mike by that horn blowing non stop. Making it even tougher to watch.


That ate a lot of clock for 3 points.....

And Fajardo is taking a beating....


Brutal play calling