2022-06-23 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Montreal Alouettes (6219)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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Nice start for Montreal.....

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I'm feeling a bit better about sticking with my pick of the Als in this game.

O'line getting flagged already.

Nice run back and a face mask call. Riders piling up penalty yards.

Als in good shape to score on this drive.


Go East!

Proulx crew.
Get ready for a loooong game

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TSN never did say what the penalty was on the mtl kick return

It was a face mask, according to the play by play tracker on CFL.ca

Is that anything new?

Maas' offense is getting exposed. It was just a matter of time. The D can't carry the team forever.

Quack quack.....pretty bad when your receivers have to break up interceptions.

Montreal's run back game keeping them in good field position.

Tru dat

It raised a few eyebrows when the Argos released Worthy. He's looking like a solid pickup for the Als at this point.

Fajardo is target fixating. I thought he had fixed that this year, but no.

Pressure was sent and picked up, but he never took his eyes off the primary, so missed the men left open

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Nice TD!

Go East!

Yup, Harris has an arm and can throw to a spot.....VA will have all he can do to get back on the field.....

Lokombo missed his bump on the line, receiver got a free release and Harris is accurate enough to hit him in stride. Nice read.

Riders need to sign a couple of O linemen. Like yesterday

Fajardo running for his life there. Kinda figured with them having trouble with the Elks rushing three last week.....

Yeah, and then losing Clark to boot.
Maas needs to call plays around that weak spot, instead of accentuating it