2022-06-18 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Edmonton Elks (6218)

And you're not watching the B & C teams on your intrasquad games? All 110 of the players in camp are "A" team members? Playing other teams & beating your man to lay a licking on the opposition QB might win you a job. Beating a guy on your own squad & doing the same might get you a ticket out of town. Unless of course the QB is off limits. Does that make the intrasquad games so much more interesting than pre-season contests? IMHO no. No offence, Jon, but coaches need to evaluate incoming talent & the closest to real game conditions, with a limited playbook of course, is playing other teams IMO.

I don't disagree that pre-season games are a money grab & not paying the players isn't right. But for new players wanting to make a roster, it's their best way to do so. There has been lots said about how the lack of pre-season games last year penalized a bunch of teams.

BTW season tickets for the GC champions for 11 games (including a playoff game, taxes & fees) run from $259 -$1,180. At those prices, heck, skip the pre-season game if you want to.

I do skip the pre season game, except for the first ever game at IG Field.

I think you misunderstand me. I don’t watch intra squad games either. I was just going with one of Capitol Dave’s suggestions. I’m only interested in watching the finished product.

I’m also not crazy about paying full bore for a pre season game but that has always been the way it is here in Winnipeg and I assume everywhere else. My first Jets season tickets in 1981 included pre season games as well as four games for the first two rounds of the playoffs that had to be paid for in advance.

I don’t have a problem with players not being paid for pre season. Half of them won’t make the team and other leagues do exactly the same thing.

We gotta figure out how to evaluate talent better an do a lot of it outside training camps.
I don't know what the solution is but...I'm pretty sure all teams have indoor practice facility's now so why not do Evaluation Camps where you can spend two weeks a month with a restricted number of contracted players and evaluation players.
Players are working out together wherever anyway so why not let them work out formally in smaller groups and evaluate new talent.

Then reduce the numbers for camp, and make it about making those last decisions and getting ready to make the first weeks about better football that draws fans.

Oh ya, I never thought about the pay side of it, makes sense now that I think about it.

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