2022-06-18 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Edmonton Elks (6218)

I thought he was going to keep the bag but turn his frown upside down.


Jones is just trying to show he NEVER GIVES UP - even when winning is IMPOSSIBLE.
Only injuries or more chirpy player conduct could have come out of that. Imagine losing their best player Kenny 'The King' Lawler on a meaningless Jones play!

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Well, that much improvement in one week give me hope. Funny part is most will talk about how badly the Riders played, not how well (for the most part) the Elks played. I was surprised how well the front 3 did in the second half.

There is a ways to go but the Elks were in it going to the fourth. Ultimately you are judged by your win loss record but to me being in the game with a chance is all I need to see.

Riders have some work to do. 14 flags and 135 yards penalties won't cut it against most teams.


It was very good to see the improvement, you're not alone. Take that bag outside & burn it.


You should have told him to take the bag off his head FIRST before setting fire to it. Now look at him. He's hideous.

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Poor Squishy, he not only is an EE fan he has us to contend with. Life isn't fair to some people.

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Yes for sure people want their monies worth however any good football fan would realize there are two factors at work here. 1> New coach who thought it is best to have 100's of players come in and take a try what he has no clue? And the fact the revolving door approach never works trying to build a team. You never get results!
2> All new coaches and many new players what does that spell? Your team is going to be a doormat for a short time.
Fans who thought anything else is fooling themselves.

It will take time but each week these guys play together getting use to the new coaches it needs time for them to work together. As long as improvement is seen week to week is a good thing.

There is something to be said for going back to 4 exhibition games, which would give the coaches more time to sort out their rosters, even 3 would be an improvement, they are to rushed to make decisions about players. I think. ? Or am I out to lunch/?

Compromise at 3 games? There does seem to be a lot of rust in the first couple of weeks here.

Sorry Ed. Call it soup and a sandwhich.

In theory yes but as it is the teams play few starters in any meaningful way for the preseason. Players don't get paid under the CBA and basically it is a night out at the park for the owners with revenue less a major expense. Fans write the ticket off as part of the package.

Rosters are set before camp begins for the most part.

My fantasy that I will never see is all games having points on the line which is basically elimination of the preseason with players being paid for every game they play.

Routes and timing is what practice is for and you could still carry an expanded roster for the first couple games.

Teams are just more serious when it counts in the standings and fans deserve the entertainment they are paying for.

Naw, just did Michael Jackson impersonations for the neighbours.... :grin:

We need to change off season "mini camp" rules to more, so we can have pre-season be more focused and more about preparing for the first game than trying to prepare and sort through talent at the same time.


I'd agree to 3 exhibitions per team.
Maybe go to 4 x 10 minute quarters to cut down on game length - still getting enough reps in for developing offenses, defenses; less reps for special teams & kickers!

That would be a goal worth shooting for after this season's in the bag. Over the last couple years the CFL's been in 'emergency mode' thanks to a nasty virus that's hopefully behind us now. Other distractions included XFL merger talks, USFL player poaching, CFL Player's Union Strike... all occurring simultaneously against the ground breaking backdrop of Mensa Level Home Depot to CFL Stadium Conversion talks. Clearly we've had a LOT on our plates.

Heh, the league might be more interested in 2 preseason games at 4 x 20 minute quarters instead. I think the big issue in adding preseason games is extra travel and stadium costs but very little extra revenue.

Perhaps just a longer training camp with more intrasquad games.

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I would favour intrasquad games over more or longer pre season games, although if they were longer games I wasn’t watching anyway, I suppose that doesn’t matter. Both the NFL and CFL have reduced the number of pre season games from what they once were and I think that is a good thing.

I don’t get any excitement from watching pre season games. It would be like watching a lawyer prepare his or her case before trial or a doctor prepare his or herself before surgery. I want to see the real, meaningful thing. I would rather watch an early season somewhat sloppy game that has meaning than a pre season ultra sloppy game that has no meaning. I prefer to let the coaching staff do their job and sort out the riff raff and watch the finished product. This would also reward the coaches and players that adapt and gel more quickly, which I see as part of the game and part of being a good team.

I would rather not have a lawyer who hasn't prepared his case or a doctor who doesn't do a proper prep before surgery, or the operating room not properly prepped or sterilized because, well, all that counts is the operation. Not exciting stuff but necessary. Pre-season games are for coaches to evaluate talent. You may not see value in it, but it does have value. How much hitting is done in intrasquad games? If pre-season games are boring, intrasquad games are doubly so. :sunglasses:

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I’m not saying they don’t have value, I just find them uninteresting to watch. I’m not interested in watching the B and C teams. That’s the coaches job to sort out.

[quote="pantsonfire, post:139, topic:78604"]
How much hitting is done in intrasquad games? [/quote]

When a job is on the line you might be surprised.

Also after nearly a month in camp they know what they have. Rather than risk injury to a player they have plans for they evaluate practice roster guys in the exhibitions.

My issue is fans getting hosed on the full price ticket and also the players not being paid to play. Nothing will change until a new CBA and exhibition games will not be a significant enough issue to be discussed so life goes on.

Teams should be proactive and drop the price of tickets but they don't appear to be in a hurry to get it done.

Are you sure it wasn't also on ESPN+? I watched a bit of the pre-game on ESPN+ then switched to ESPN News on my TV after awhile. It appeared to be the same broadcast on both.