2022-06-18 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Edmonton Elks (6218)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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Should be an entertaining game we will see if Jones made any headway putting the puzzle together. To be honest I am not surprised at the Elks flopping early new coach, new system but I believe the biggest flaw and I am probably wrong the revolving door of players does not help to get the players to be consistent. I know players will need to be replaced that so not work out but look at the volume of players and that is one of the problems so I do not think Jones expects his team to do well for most of this season.

I agree that it's tough to build team chemistry without time. Jones will get the message across to some players of the "professional attitude" and that just because the guy on the field next to you is not yet a good friend, you still play like you are. How many young players can grasp that? We will see.

EE has got to do better than last week, for the sake of their fans, other fans, & the good of the league as a whole. Debacles like last week (& I say this as a Lions fan) aren't healthy for the CFL. I wonder how many tickets sales they lost for tonight's game because of that showing?

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Yeah I'm definitely not a lion's or elks fan but about halfway through that game all i could think about was....ouch just pull back a little....quit beating up on the kids they are already broken. That being said it is fun to watch the ever arrogant Chris Jones be mad as hell on the sidelines.


I think they will be a bit improved but remember new coach and new team it will take time and you will see impprovement as long as Jones keeps the team consistancey

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Maybe he'll burst into flames this time and make an ash of himself.

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Well, it'll be either him or Maas. Both must watch TV.


Look PP, games like that happen pretty much every season, usually early. IMO it was the perfect time to happen for BC because the big crowd got a show & maybe it will help bring fans back. In fact, IMO lots of fans like to see high scoring games like this, including blowouts. It's not just bad teams that get blown out. There's been blowouts in Grey Cups. Bad team or good team, it's not often it happens to the same team twice in a season. Elks have 4 tough games starting tonight so it is likely to get worse before it gets better. Jones will keep moving players till he gets them playing the way he wants. Just the way it is.

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Of course, no argument. But look at their attendance late last year. If they want big crowds they need a competitive team. I'm sticking with my statement that they lost some ticket sales tonight.

According to tsn's website it's all about the Elk tonight so no point watching the panel pre game.

The fact it's been pissing rain for days may affect turnout too....

BTW from the looks of the North Saskatchewan this morning if you are in Winnipeg you may want to get your hip waders out....

Fajardo runs with all the grace of a three legged moose...


Why did the camera pan tbe crowd? They should ve doing their best to hide tge crowd. They were lucky to have 10k there, against their best draw. The Riders.

Between the poor attendance in Calgary and Edmonton - looks like Alberta is no longer interested in the CFL.

Sask is in trouble.

I’ll definitely have to watch this game.
For getting talked out of watching BO LEVI MITCHELL!!

Cmon ye Eskimos!

Oops, sorry I’m a rouge,

Morrow is all they have left

That was a pretty sad first quarter by both teams. Feels like preseason.

Riders definitely playing down to the level of their competition.

A three legged moose could still run me down. Take away a third leg and I could probably stay ahead of it. :grin:

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