2022-06-18 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6217)

He's the only QB in all of football that can't or won't run with the ball. Even kids in Pee Wee football :football: run with the ball. That's what the game is all about.
If you're playing a half decent team and they have a good defence, we are doomed. They already perfectly know, that he doesn't represent a threat even if he's of the Pyrex variety type.
No favorites! You either get the job done or stay home.

It's turning out more like the "hall of the LAME". You don't have to be that good anymore. Burris was around a long time, and wasn't good at all, and yet, there he is! Moon, Allen, Brock, Wilkinson, Flutey, ...those jersey's were worth hanging somewhere.

Wow Glen you have no idea do you dude


Okay enoguh of the Bo hate! Seriously he has running backs to do the running he is a pocket type QB who lets the others run. Not all QB's are good running. He has won more games I assure you then your QB but heck I am no football god like you to know

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I think he does. Glen's trashing EVERYTHING in our league.

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[quote="Maaax, post:106, topic:78603"]

I think he does. Glen's trashing EVERYTHING in our league

WEll why is the guy here? Why do admins allow a guy to come in and stir up crap and really he is here to just be someone whose opinion will do nothing for the fans here. I agree to appoint he has an opinion but why oh why has nothing good to say anything about this league and the teams. No wonder some fans walk away

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Let's stick to the topic, not other posters.

I just now finished watching the 4th quarter and agree with what Duane Forde said about these strong wind games in Hamilton. Winning the coin toss matters and that games played under these conditions typically follow a similar pattern.

Most of the points are scored when the offense has the wind at their backs.

The team that loses the toss and gets the wind in their favor first dominates early. What we are seeing is almost a mirage. The team that wins the toss and gets the wind in the 4th makes the comeback complete or at least makes it much closer that you would have expected after watching the 1st quarter.

Ideally CFL games would not be won or loss as a result of a coin toss but for that to happen, all the stadiums would need to be enclosed in some manner.

And don’t forget that the 2nd and 4th quarters are longer because of the last 3 minutes stop time, so that is a factor in selecting the dude with the wind as well.

we have a post going on the domed stadiums.... dont bring dat stuff onto this post :grinning:

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Historically wind games in any city this happens it is a factor in any game. Calgary has many games like this and the same with Edmonnton Winnipeg and Sask have stadiums buillt to break up any factor like this( Iwas going to put break the wind but)