2022-06-18 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6217)

Calgary Stampeders

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I am looking forward to this game. I am very dubious of BLM. I believe he has seriously lost his mojo. His interception habits are daunting. The Stamps lost the Grey Cup in 2016 and 2017 due to BLM bad choices under pressure for a professional QB. I would like to see more progress for Jake Maier upcomming.

Go back to 2016 when they won the coup that year he threw man interceptions as well nothing has changed other than he had injuries. He has no injuries as of now and he will still throw the odd interception. Nothing has changed other than his older

Should be. He's throwing with all the strength and zip of a Matt Nichols so far this year.....

Not many flags for Calgary but when they take them they are at the worst times....

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So I've missed the part of the game...are the Cats playing great or is Calgary just shitting the bed?

The bed thing....and Hamilton is playing decent.

Cats are playing well. The Stamps are taking too many penalties and can't get much of anything going. The Cats D is on top of its game too.

Not surprised Calgary is taking penalties, and yeah Hamilton has a pretty good defense. This is a double happiness for me Calgary getting spanked and Hamilton winning!

I wonder what Mr Stallion is up to these days?

Calgary isn't breaking up many passes either. Lots of Cat's in that 6-10 yd range standing there all alone....

Kinda wrecking Huf's HOF induction celebration...

Bo is NOT the QB today that he was then.
Hamilton fans are feeling good right now… . stamps fans should be concerned big time


I see that. I thought my homie Bo Levi was going to turn it on. Game may be done now, afraid to say.

BLM is done.
When Maier plays he is head and shoulders better.
BLM had a great career, but its over now. He plays on a 65 yard field. If he cant throw anymore because of injury, tben he is done.
If he retires today, he leaves the league with the highest win percentage ever. He most likely gets into the HOF after a Don Wilson length wait.
The longer he plays, the more he deztroys his legacy and lessens his chance at the HOF

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Whatabout that headbutt to pancake by #54 TigerCats, and they still score!

Haha I can hear fans all pumped up and talking noise too.

He’s still KATY HOF :wink:

That sure looked like Head Injury for Logan there on his last run....

So Bo’s arm is done. I was looking forward to a good game. All credit to Hamilton.

June 18th,
Bo Levi Mitchell meet his Waterloo.

Quiet please.

He’s probably at home watching the first step to his team missing the playoffs.


Those CFL Hall of Fame sculptured head busts make NFL HoF look minor league, I must say.

Love that picture of Marv Levy with funky Montreal helmet logos.


I’ll have to study all these great guys.