2022-06-17 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6216)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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Bombers by at least 14. Augustine gets over 100 yards. Go Blue!

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I agree with you on Augustine. As I’ve said before, I think he has the potential to be the next great Canadian running back.

I would love it if the Bombers win by at least 14. It’s possible but also very hard to predict early season results. Last night the Argos outplayed the Alouettes for most of the game and should have had the game in the bag long before the last 5 minutes or so. Then the bag got wet and groceries started falling out and the Argos only won because of a horrendous choke on a chip shot.

I was impressed by the Redblacks play generally last week. I was of the same view as what seemed to be the pre season consensus on this forum, namely that Ottawa should be greatly improved but how long it would take them to gel was an unknown. They seemed to gel nicely on offense but then LaPo is as good an offensive mind as there is in the league.

Winnipeg certainly didn’t have their best game even though they won. O’Shea on the radio today acknowledged that there was lots of room for improvement and that the players know it. He wasn’t satisfied with much, except for the fact that the Bombers were disciplined and took few penalties. I don’t know if the poor secondary performance was an aberration. I hope it was. Rose is a top CFL DB and deserving all star but he looked lost. Maybe his injury played a role in his poor performance. We’ll see. Glass didn’t impress either.

QB pressure was also less than up to standard. Tonite sees the return of Jeffcoat. If he’s healthy that will be bad news for Ottawa. He led the CFL in QB pressures and forced fumbles last year, to go along with his 9 sacks and in my opinion was the league defensive MOP. Having Jeffersoncoat reunited could be of major impact and make Bighill’s job much easier.

I’m very much looking forward to the game.

Sounds like it could be another football in the rain night. This has happened before in Ottawa. Pack the poncho.

Has to impact the passing game and not sure what that leaves on either team.

Didn’t know the weather forecast but if you are correct limited passing should hurt Ottawa more than Winnipeg.

Do we have everyone back for this one?

Go Bombers!

If there is rain I don't think it will be much of a game from either team. The bombers run game is not the same without Harris, though it is still better than the non existent one that Ottawa likes to play. If no rain/light drizzle I'm gonna say Ottawa takes it with a walk-off field goal.

We lost Briggs and Prukop to six game injured list last game. Several others including Maston and Alexander out for at least six games, Maston probably the season. Jeffcoat is back though.

Is Prukop pretty exclusively short yardage or do they also use Brown for that?

That can’t be good..

Go Bombers!

Got my wet, mosquito infested grass cut & trimmed, burgers BBQ'd and now ready for kickoff. Lets Go Blue! :muscle:

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Hopefully Schoen's still able to be showin' that he belongs here!
He or Rutledge for Bomber rookie of the year?

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I finished my gym time, took my daily walk, and got back just in time!
Even better, here in the US, the game is on ESPN2, so I don't even need to go to Espn+. Also, watching Milt talking trash with the rest of the pre-game crew is entertaining.

Go Bombers!


Milt is a character for sure, the best WR we ever had, but we could never get him a cup!

I am sure he is enjoying watching the Bombers own the rest of the league. BTW, isn't the road to the stadium named "Milt Stegall Way"?

Go Bombers!

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Last week was Prukop’s first regular season game as a Bomber and he was used for short yardage. He is a big, strong guy and that was to be his main role barring injury. Brown is pretty small. We’ll see who they use tonite.

Got my new (used) dryer hooked up but no time to eat yet. Ready to go! Nachos at half time.

That was at the old stadium and I think it is still so named. Not sure what they plan to do.

Nothing like burning up 5 minutes analyzing a play from 25 years ago.

I cringe every time there is a guest in the booth.