2022-06-16 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Toronto Argonauts (6215)

Montreal Alouettes

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Should be an interesting game. Toronto's first for the season. I guess the guys to watch will be Harris and Banks.
Should have a feel for how good the Argos defence is by the end of the first half seeing as how their opponents have one game under their belt already it's somewhat likely the defence will need to hold the fort in the first half.

As for Montreal, we will see if Adams can be a little more consistent and a lot more aware of the clock and the situation this week.

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Anyone got the over/under on the number of times the CFL panel will bring up this game (specifically any good plays made by the Argos) during the other 3 games this week. My bet is at least 10.

How about an over/under on Andrew Harris rushing for 100 yds?

Seems like a big number.

I don't know the Montreal defence was pretty stout against the run last week in Calgary.

Al’s by six.

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I had Montreal penciled in to win the east (Grey Cup as well) this season. Of course that was with Stanback with his helmet on and chinstrap cinched. I'm not taking my eraser to that just yet. I still feel Adams is going to find his way and when he does the wins will pile up. There is just too much talent in Vernon for things not to blow up good for him.

Harris gaining 100 yards on the ground today won't surprise me. This one could be a shoot-out. One of the kickers may be the hero in this game. I'm looking forward to it.

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What was that?

I would love to see a series of downs without a near interception.
Hmmmm. Maybe Harris should get in there.

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Looks like he was down.

Referee's have been doing well so far this year. Same with "command centre". Quick decisions and right decisions....

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You might see him yet.

Adams likes to throw it up and let his recievers bail him out.
Harris is far more accurate of a passer....he is a sack magnet, though.

As you can see, McBeth is no better. Never could figure out what the Argo brain trust sees in him.

A decent arm...a lot of interceptions though.

The hyphen fools them into thinking he is smart?


And here come the stupid selfish Montreal penalties I’ve gotten so used to.

Not often you see a screen pass that travels 5-7 yards under thrown

And the worst quarterback draw in the history of football.

Yup (finally caught up to the actual game)