2022-06-11 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6213)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Hopefully some improvement gained in the off season on our O-Line giving CF the time to throw to our outstanding receiver core and having some kind of ground game. On paper maybe the best group of linebackers in the CFL but a less experienced back field than last year. Our defence was one of the worst in pass yards allowed, so something had to give, one of the best against the run. Let's play!!
The crowd at Calgary was sparce, I'm interested to see what happens in SK.

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Let’s hope for a good game. Yea, that crowd in Calgary was nothing to write home about. Checkout the crowd size at BC Place Saturday for the Lions home opener.

As usual this is the only mention of Sask. on the entire webpage. Expect no better from the tsn broadcast today either.

Tough start for the Ticats, but it’s early.

Let’s go EE!

Sorry Hammertown

Wrong game haha
It’s later

Let’s go Hamilton

I’m a newbie and from Texas haha
Lash me

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Um , wrong game . :roll_eyes:

No worries. At least you’re participating.

I love that attitude! GOD Bless ya!!

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Is it just me or are the narrower hash marks killing the running game?

One team in the games played so far (MTL) which was greatly aided by a single 70 yard pickup, has gained 100+ yards on the ground.

Not gonna win this, you could see the official blowing it dead before Fajardo lunged....

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I don’t know. Could be. Interesting theory. We’ll see how it goes the next few weeks.

You can't spread the defence like you could with a wide and narrow side so everybody is in the middle.....

We are in the second quarter with 19 total run yards.....

Our Ticat O line is looking weak as shit!

Makes sense.

That may be with the wider field in Canadian Football, and now the narrow hashmarks.

I love defense and running the football in my old US game, but they’ve killed that with fantasy football and the spread in a way.

Course, in basketball, I like the “4 corners” with no shot clock, I’m not much of a marketer.

Lots of sacks I see in these games too from that over loaded middle, IMO.
Great observation

WOW! Bad bounce on that Tigercat field goal
That’s a good kicker, IMO

That and with the bigger field it takes a little longer for plays to develop...

Two guys with double digits run yards, White with 11 and Fajardo with 34.

Well deserved win for the Riders, close for much of it but Riders better team.

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