2022-06-11 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. BC Lions (6214)

Edmonton Elks

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This one's particularly interesting. I for one am excited at the prospect of the Lions going with two Canadians at QB - Nathan Rourke and Michael O'Connor. It's also nice to see that Rourke was born in Victoria and that O'Connor (who actually looked particularly good in pre-season) attended a Canadian university right in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia!

It's very nice to know that pre game day ticket sales are brisk and a big crowd of over 30,000 for today's game is anticipated. Hopefully the Lions don't disappoint and at least one local Canadian QB shines in the game. Say after Nathan Rourke passes for four TD's, maybe Michael O'Connor will come in on a short yardage situation but will instead pass for a TD on a gadget play!


Looking forward to this game a lot and although a Blue Bomber fan, will be cheering for the Lions tonight. Great news on hearing there will be a large crowd for the season opener. I remember so many of the great battles between the Lions and Bombers back when BC used to fill that stadium and made it a difficult place to come away with a win. Sounds as though they have great ownership and hoping we'll see the trend of large crowds continue.


dare you to put him in your lineup

I was giving very serious consideration to taking Nathan Rourke but ended up taking the "safe" option at QB by choosing Zach Collaros. Now I wish I hadn't taken Zach Collaros and economized on my QB to free up $ for a more expensive WR than Nic Demski. Greg Ellingson would have been good....


Hope you saved money on a running back.... With the narrow hash marks 250 yards will be the new 1000 yards rushing. Everybody is in the box and you can't spread the defence enough to get outside.

1 team has 100 yards rushing so far, and 70 of it was on one play.

Might make the Elks dressing what are effectively 6 DB's tonight look genius......

screw the concert, it's game time. grrr

no, really, not only am I ready to watch, but my wife is there and I dont like her being out too late.

Interesting . . . the Elks have Ford listed at WR on the depth chart for tonight's game.

Elks updated their depth chart this morning. Tre Ford is now listed as the #2 quarterback. Where Ford was listed and the move today was done for ratio purposes.

On a side note, "Apologize" is the 1st song performed live at a CFL game in awhile that I have actually heard of.

I thought there was a football game starting????
Who is this crappy One Republic band ????

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Ahh, that makes more sense. I still wonder if we'll see any 2 QB sets from Jones--get Ford's feet in the game at least a few times I hope.

I read a lot of recent posts about how improved the East was vs the West and several predictions about how the East would have a winning record vs the West this year. So far it’s 3-0 West. I am confident the East won’t lose this one.


James Butler touchdown!!!!

Lions looking sharp!!!


This looks familiar so far......

You need to quit wearing her out and making her tired :wink:

Just joking! No offense

Or perhaps not.


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James Butler is on fire!
The Chi-town, university of Nevada and Iowa running back.

I’m looking to go 2-2 after a 2-0 start in the CFL pick’em

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At least MISTER STAMKOS won tonight and beat
The Lodge

I know.
Wrong forum

You have to love
Jordan Maksymic’s yellow highlighter calling those offensive plays for BC.
He almost used it in the fist bump for that last touchdown