2022-06-09 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Calgary Stampeders (6211)

How's the call by the TSN announcers? Who is the sideline reporter? Your views for and against?

RDS all the way

Nice 72 yard punt there.

It's Rod Smith and Suitor. I like Smith's delivery. Suitor doesn't bother me as much as he does others. But it's game 1, so I'm not tired of his voice yet.

That was some punt!

And there's Philpot's first touch on the return.


Missed tackles by the Als ... seems familiar

The pop shoppe looking good so far.

Dequoy is getting smashed. I get the feeling Carey doesn't like him much.

Woo Hooo!
Glad I took KaDeem Carey in CFL fantasy football! :+1:

That was a decent return by the Canadian rookie.

That does NOT LOOK GOOD!

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Yikes, no. Fingers crossed. We need the Standbacks to be playing.

Not good at all.

Dont want to see that.

Nice coverage by Dequoy on that route.

Luckily the Als have such depth at RB (NOT)

Looks OK on that run.

I'm looking forward to reading what some of those watching think about the halftime panel. Fortunately I'll be able to catch the second half after work between radio and at home.

Ouch lol.

Reverse jinx there.

Line/scheme ripped him a huge hole ... he took advantage

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Yeah, he didn't have to do much juking or anything. Broke that one tackle, though.

But then got the holding penalty and seemed gassed. Not used to running that far, lol.

Exciting hurdle for the TD by VA!

Bo is looking washed in this game and vernon seems to have gone back to 2019 form.