2021 Training Camp

It is beyond time that the team updated the Roster& Football Ops on their website. Russ Lande still not listed. No new equipment manager.

We'll soon have to get Richard to post the Roster on the forum.

If the team wants to be taken seriously they have to do their part.

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It's a shame. Players released or retired are still on the roster- many new arrivals are still off the roster. Second and even third class.

QB Peterson, who was signed in early 2020, is still listed as 1 year old. No numbers for new players.

When you look to profile of players nothing written for all new players. When compared to other teams, "ça fait pitié"


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Alex Mateas , national centre for the REDBLACKS, has retired; what a loss for the team. When we add N WR Brad Sinopoli they are huge losses. 2 star players and Nationals.


I agree, but we also lost our 2 best Nationals - Rutherford & Muamba.

We still have National o-line depth though, Ottawa doesn't. They also lost Evan Johnson & of course Lauzon- Seguin. I read they tried to convince Ryan Bomben to come out of retirement, but he won't.

We should all write to Mario Cecchini -mcecchini@montrealalouettes.com- regarding roster and football operations.

I will.


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Tomorrow I will also. He comes across as a sincere guy, let's see if he answers.

The person updating the site is probably not a full-time salaried employee. I would expect team website will be updated regularly once camp officially begins a week from now.

Sounds like the team was already given playbooks as DB Robert Nelson mentioned this as he was conversing publicly with his buddy former NFL RB Terrance West from his quarantined hotel room. At one point, MLS VP Play Engagement Jamil Northcutt entered the chat. Nelson then joked about switching to soccer next year because of their wage scale. Nelson seems like a person who takes money matters seriously as he claimed he was running 7 businesses. I believe they consist of selling small personal items he thought up and manufactured in China.

Another interesting player on the roster is RB Anthony Jones. During his college days, he once went back to his old neighborhood to visit a buddy from high school and got shot in a drive-by. Bullet entered through his back and exited through his face. Jones was lucky that the bullet miraculously did relatively minimal damage as he return to field only a few months later. Jones went to same high school as Rakeem Cato.

I just sent my e-mail to Mr. Cecchini. I told him that I don't blame the actual employees, but Management. The Owners have to provide enough resources, particularly additional employees. I did tell him that compared to other teams, they look as second class organization.

I doubt that he will answer. Most important is that actions will be taken to correct the situation.



It is tradition.

Now fully vaxxed & relaxxed I would have wanted to attend a session or 2.

Also sent an e-mail to M. Cecchini re the website.

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The Canadians have thousands of people gathering for games outdoors! Why couldn't a few dozen or few hundred Alouettes fans attend the Als' training camp?

Yeah, sounds like this is coming from the Als themselves. Quebec is now allowing 5000 at outdoor gatherings.

When I went to the 1st practice in 2019 at Molson Stadium there were no more than 25 people. In 2018 they had it at the field between the Big O & Stade Saputo and there were about 100 fans, all there to see Josh Freeman. :grinning:

So can't see size as an issue for crowd control.

Tomorrow is the Als turn for the media to call in to ask questions about the upcoming season. Most likely the team will have Danny Maciocia, Khari Jones, and Vernon Adams available to answer questions. National reporters typically do not follow the team closely enough to ask anything good. We are going to have to rely on Herb Zurkowsky to ask something noteworthy since he will need something to write about later in the day.

In previous years, the league makes these conference calls available afterwards for listening. This year, that does not appear to be the case.

Gonne be tough bringing back football in Montreal if the team won't promote itself. No reporters, no fans and a phantom marketing department that can't even update its own website...

Again fake news posting. Where was it mentioned that no reporters can attend training camp?

Before e-mailing Cecchini I asked the team through Facebook messenger about updating the Roster. Just got this very reassuring response. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Sheldon, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I promise you that our team is working on updating the roster list in time for the season!

Richard maybe knows more about this, but why can't Charles Rooke do it on a daily basis, instead of letting it fall so far behind? What else does he have to do at this time of year?

Sully updates the whole league's transactions daily.

Sully no longer is a CFL employee.
i don't think he is on this forum either. He was a good mod.

He had responded at one point that he was still doing the transactions even though he had left the league.

"In time for the season" is vague. That could mean the roster will be correct on August 14, but there are no promises of accuracy before that.

Team last updated the site on June 8 2021. Next oldest roster list in the CFL is Winnipeg who last made changes on June 18. A couple teams are completely up-to-date.

I was surprised to see CFL transactions being updated on the weekend. Perhaps the league is trying to be more fantasy and gambling friendly.

League announced that William Stanback will be on the conference call on Tuesday along with Danny Maciocia and Khari Jones.