2021 Training Camp

Usually Ticat wise there would be maybe 50 or so people at camp or practices guess more Want to go now due to there not being a season last year .

Looks like the Als had their rookie talent show today. Akio Yamagishi and Taku Lee acted as though they were characters from the anime Naruto.

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I guess that the Alouettes wanted to have everything quiet/ no news about today's scrimmage and, congratulations, it was achieved.

I expect that some players will be released today.


Scrimmage at Percival Molson probably started around 7:30pm to simulate a night game. I am guessing it maybe lasted about 2 hours, so it is not surprising that nothing would be written about it on the team site on Saturday. Only mention was from Joey Alfieri:

Als do seem to be eager to cut players earlier than required. Will this happen again starting Sunday or Monday? If so, is this a cost-cutting measure? They would need to balance their pocketbook with the fact that they might need the extra bodies for practice.

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I was hoping to get a sense of how things were going at the MLB and DE positions. But there has been next to no information about camp battles.

I think how they address these positions will dictate the kind of season they have. The offense can have 17 receivers to pick from but it won't matter a lick if the defense can't pressure or stop anyone as it did in 2019.

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I expect that some players will be released today; the players released could include some of these players:
-Kevin Kaya WR
-Chris Favoroso DL A
-Brock Gowanlock DL N
-Robert Nelson Jr. DB A
-Prince Smith DB A
-Simeon Thomas DB A
-Samuel Ducharme OL N
Matt Mingel K A

To me, today's releases, if any, have nothing to do with cost-cutting measures. With 87 players still in camp, the coaches know fairly well the players that will make the team, barring injuries; they also know the ones that don't have a chance to remain with the team, even on practice roster. So, why keep players for the remaining 6 days of training camp?

A still high number of players will remain in camp in order that they have adequate replacements should injuries occur; thirteen of remaining players will eventually be on practice roster and 5 on taxi squad.


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Mengel makes 56 yard field goal with plenty to spare.

I guess we will have to wait tomorrow with regards to news from the Alouettes.


The Alouettes have released 15 players, including Naaman Roosevelt. The players released are:

Vincent Alessandrini WR N
Curtis Cothran DL A
Brock Gowanlock DL N
Jersey Henry LB N
William James DB G
Cotton Klassen RB N
Ethan Makonzo LB N
Benoît Marion DL N
Robert Nelson Jr. DB A
Michael Onuoha DL A
Brock Rubble OL A
Naaman Roosevelt WR A
Prince Smith DB A
Simeon Thomas DB 4
Michael Wakefield DL A

No major surprise, even Roosevelt.

The roster is now at 72 players, meaning that not too many more will be released,
once you include injured players, practice roster and taxi squad.


Avec la qualité de nos receveurs c'était en effet prévisible qu'au moins un vétéran soit libéré, et Roosevelt était en tête de cette liste. Plus dubatif concernant la libération de Wakefield cependant. Serait-ce un signe que les performances de Dayton Jones soient satisfaisantes?

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Except Roosevelt and Wakefield, all other players released are rookies. The 2 veterans could be claimed by a CFL team. The REDBLACKS have many receivers injured, so I will not be surprised if they claim Roosevelt.


We still have the following potential american WRs who are in my opinion, possible starters:


If we have to go with only 3 american receivers as has been mentionned, I wonder who sits out. A nice problem to have I guess.

Bray was late in camp and I will not be surprised if he is added to 1 game injured list. If only 3, I expect that Absher could also be on 1 game injured list or practice roster, although if on practice roster he has to be released, first, and could be claimed by another team.


In another tweet Joey says the starters Saturday were Lewis, Cunningham, Wieneke, Bray, Simonise.

Great news for the Alouettes! Effective August 1st,2021, 15,000 can be in the stands; same with all other outdoor events. Will also apply to soccer team.



He may not make the team. Competition is fierce at his position.

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Yes, the 15,000 news is from Québec Government. Many other easing of restrictions.

In another matter, from Eric Leblanc's article and from what Danny said, it's evident that they plan to go with 4 A receivers + 1 A KR. As I wrote before, I expect Quan Bray to be added to 1 game injured list. I can see Absher, Cunningham, Lewis and Wieneke as the 4 A receivers. Danny said that Absher is having a very good camp. Danny is impressed with Ross and White Jr. and will like to keep all these receivers, which I think he will.

Danny also said that N Brian Harelimana, Alex Chevrier, Dequoy and Exume are also having a great camp.

The players with minor injuries this morning:

A DL Woody Baron and Antonio Simmons. Danny expects them to be OK once regular season begins.
N LB Chris Ackie, N WR Kaion Julien Grant and FB Alexandre Dupuis.
A WR Quan Bray.
A LB Patrick Levels; he was back from other injury, but did injure his left leg.


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