2021 Training Camp

From Herb Zurkowsky:

As a seventh-round draft choice in 2017, Ty Cranston might have been the unlikeliest of candidates to fill the position. But through the early stages of training camp, defensive co-ordinator Barron Miles said the job is Cranston’s to lose.

“He’s a guy that actually played the position a little in 2019 — and did a decent job,” Miles said. “It was a no-brainer for me to put him there. Now he has to lose the job. He needs to get in there, do what he’s supposed to and not let anyone take it away from him.”

“His IQ is the most important thing right now,” said Miles, who was undersized when he played in the defensive backfield but thrived because of his quickness and knowledge. “The game’s 90 per cent mental. If you understand where you need to be, how you need to be there and what you’re doing when you get there, the game’s easy.

“He’s a very bright young man who’s doing very well at this point in time.”

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Clockwise from left:

59 Junior Luke
66 David Brown
54 Chris Schleuger
62 Nick Callender
67 Tony Washington
53 Philippe Gagnon
64 Sean Jamieson
51 Kristian Matte
68 David Foucault
55 Landon Rice

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The Alouettes have written on FB that Jamieson is practising at center. Hmm, makes me wonder.

two former ticats

I think it's more for depth purposes. If you can have a backup that can play all 5 Oline positions, then your team is in good shape. Even if he is a starter he can still backup at other positions along the Oline.

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There was a story on the team site yesterday saying Sean Jamieson was notified during the off-season that the Als planned to move him to center. So as of now, Jamieson is to start at center while Krisitian Matte moves back to guard.

Team has announced the release of:

WR Eli Rogers
RB Dominick Bragalone
RB Anthony Jones
LB Romeo Finley.

The only surprises are Eli Rogers and Anthony Jones.

There will be many more surprises coming in the next weeks.


Recently released OL Cole Boozer posted today that he is retiring. We can only speculate which came first: his walking papers or him wanting to move on from being a professional athlete.

Marshall Ferguson said that his least surprising early release was Tyler Crapigna. Reason is Crapigna played for McMaster who were rivals with the Carabins. Danny Maciocia was the Carabins coach whose kicking duties were handled by Félix-Ménard-Brièr.

Well, it is true that the Als have yet to release any francophones during training camp. Actually, I am more concerned that the team has yet to cut any defensive backs. Romeo Finley was listed as a DB on the transactions page, but the Als listed him as a linebacker. Wonder if this is a good or bad sign. Maybe it means nothing.

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J'ai de la misère à croire que Crapigna a été libéré à cause d'une rivalité de football universitaire. Maciocia aurait échangé Bédé pour Crapigna uniquement pour le libérer à la seconde où il trouve un botteur provenant des Carabins? Ça n'a pas de bon sens.

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Marshall Ferguson played with Tyler Crapigna at Macmaster they won the 2011 vanier cup together

The Alouettes announced Thursday that the club added American quarterback Nick Tiano to the roster. The team released quarterback Darius James-Peterson and linebacker Frédéric Chagnon.

Tiano was released yesterday by the Argos.

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Team media access for the last 3 days

July 20

July 21

July 22

Based on today's transactions, the Alouettes still have 87 players in camp.

Taking into account the active roster-45 players and 44 dressed- ,the 5 player taxi squad, the 13 player practice roster and the 4 or 5 players on 1 game injured list, roughly 20 players will have to be released no later than July, 30,2021.

Tough decisions ahead.


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I don't think it will be that tough when it comes to the Nationals. We are not very deep in quality.

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Especially on the D-line. Danny M. brought in his former guys from the UdeM. He should have kept Fabian Foote instead.

While the Alouettes may not have the best National talent in the League, there will, nevertheless, be tough decisions when time to reduce the actual roster to approved numbers comes; for instance, do you keep veterans players that have reached their top potential or give the chance to a promising rookie who will be getting better. Here are a few examples:

Do you keep Jean-Samuel Blanc or give a chance to rookies such as Cameron Lawson and Benoît Marion, respectively 8 and 5 years younger.

Do you keep one or both of Alexandre Chevrier and Alexandre Gagné or give a chance to rookie Brian Harelimana who has been doing quite well , at least based on daily reports from training camp; rookie Ethan Makongo has also been receiving good review.

For the past years, usually 2 fullbacks/running backs and 2 receivers have dressed for the games. Do you automatically keep Alexandre Dupuis and Christophe Normand or keep Regis Cibasu and Jeshrun Antwi or do you keep 3 fullbacks/running backs and only receiver Kaion Julien-Grant or also Rashaun Simonise and 1 less fullback.

Do you keep 32 years old David Foucault who proved nothing in the CFL or give a chance to 26 years old Samuel Thomassin or 25 years old David Brown.

Do you keep Felix Ménard-Brière who has played briefly for four CFL teams or replace him with David Côté.

Unless you give young rookies a chance, your National talent will not improve with the veterans you continue to give a chance; if you decide to release some veterans and replace them with promising rookies, you definitely have a much better chance to improve your National talent.

So, when I wrote that there will be tough decisions coming, I definitely do believe so.


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Probably the biggest reason for our weak Nationals is no returns on No. 1 draft choices 2018-2021.

2018 - Rutherford retired
2019 - Forfeited for picking Tyler Johnstone in 2018 supplemental draft.
2020 & 2021- Traded

As for this years young Nationals I see the following making a contribution:
Ménard-Brière or Côté

Others will make the team, but I'm not certain they will contribute much.

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You wonder why fans can't attend training camp and tomorrow's scrimmage. Is it Santé Publique du Québec or les Alouettes? Sunday, in Hamilton, 3,000 fans will be at the practice.


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I'm guessing the team doesn't feel it's worth the effort as certain protocols would have to be put in place.

In the recent years I've gone the most there have been are 200 fans.

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In my opinion yes!