2021 Training Camp

He was kicked out, hopefully because he was out kicked. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Kind of contradicts the 15 non-counter limit that was mentioned by Hodge.

Herb is not informed at all. We know that the Alouettes have 12 draft choices-2020 and 2021- on roster and 5 Global players, for at least 17 non-counters; there could be a few more.

On July 16,2021, I wrote that the Alouettes would have to release roughly 7 players to get to 75 + non-counters. In the past days, they have released 7.

While the Alouettes may choose to release more players, they don't have too.


I read, from Eric Leblanc on RDS, that DL Antonio Simmons, Woody Baron, OL David Foucault and WR/KR Dante Absher and Mario Alford were not practising because of minor injuries.

After his seven day quarantine, Quan Bray has returned to practice. Khari Jones said that he will have to "catch" up his teammates. He seemed a little slower.


Team posted 385 photos from Saturday's football scrimmage. There are a couple players: 81 white jersey and 61 white jersey who do not appear on the website roster.


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Herb is Montreal's 3rd Down nation

Outstanding set of pictures!
Was Schleuger working at both RT and LT?
Thought it looked that way.

Yeah, it looked like Chris Schleuger was at RT with the starters and at LT with the reserves.

81 is Rashaun Simonise.

Solely based on the photos from Saturday, I do not think David Menard is currently in consideration to become a starter.

If 2 A OL are on the starting offensive line and if 4 A DL start on the defensive line what are the options regarding 7 N starters?

Presently, David Foucault is injured meaning that only 4 N veterans are practising; should David Foucault's injury be serious, there will be no option but to start 2 A OL; even if Foucault is OK, 1 N rookie will be amongst the 7 OL.

If 4 A DL are starters on defensive line and 2 A OL are starters on the offensive line, the only 2 options to start 7 N are, according to me:

-Play only 1 A at the linebackers' position. I can't imagine this scenario.

-Play only 3 A receivers and an A KR.

Since the beginning of training camp, N WR Kaion Julien-Grant has made the "manchettes" in almost every training camp report; lately, we also hear more and more good news about N WR Rashaun Simonise.

I do think that the option of 4 A DL, 2 A OL and only 3 A WRs as starters is the best 1, unless Danny can trade for a good N OT.

Many won't agree, but that is the best option, at least to me, given the lack of depth at N DL and N OL.

"Tout peut changer/être différent lorsque la saison va débuter"


[quote="RichardVeilleux, post:234, topic:71403"]

I do think that the option of 4 A DL, 2 A OL and only 3 A WRs as starters is the best 1, unless Danny can trade for a good N OT.[/quote]

You might be right Richard.

The only other option I can think of is if Dequoy can play field side corner backed by Exumé who backed up that position in Wpg.

All this points out the mistake in not re-signing Muamba, and bad luck with Lauzon-Seguin & Lalama.

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I presume, Sheldon, that if Dequoy plays field corner, Ty Cranston or Dominique Termansen would be the S. Yes, a possible option. As you wrote, the mistake of not re-signing Muamba was huge. The team would be much better with him.

Eric Leblanc writes that N David Côté is getting a good chance as the placekicker. In this article, Khari Jones is quoted as saying that Tyler Crapigna did not seem to have a strong leg as before. Khari also mentions that the "fight" for the punter position is between G Joseph Zema and N Félix Ménard-Brière. So far, Zema has an edge over Brière.


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Happy for him

Don't want to put you on the spot, but have to ask because of your interest in him, if you know him personally. Not Tony, but Crapigna. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It would be nice to get some production out of a Global spot ... other than as special teams fodder.


I have interacted with Tyler mutiple times on social media and I have a 2014 mcmaster article from when he broke a field goal record , so yes i am a acquaintance of Tyler's

Well I hope he does well in Wpg. Apparently their new young punter/kicker has been having issues with his placekicking.

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Darn. :wink::grinning:

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I'm giving Maciocia a pass on that one. I think Muamba's decision to be in Southern-Ontario was made, understandably so.

As for using two imports on the Oline, it is the smart play, whatever they need to do to protect Vernon, the only QB they have right now.

Als can't afford this kind of stuff. :point_down:

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68= turnstile