2021 Team Preview: Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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For the record, Laverick. . . the Tiger-Cats didn't choke in 2019.

They were simply defeated by a team that played much better on the day of the Grey Cup.

Instead of dumping on Hamilton, give credit where credit is due; Winnipeg played a terrific game.

QB - Masoli and Evans best #1 #2 duo in League :+1:

REC - Banks, Addison, Posey, Acklin, Burt :+1:

RB - Don Jackson, STE :+1:

Kick returner- Frankie Williams :+1:

Defence - most are back, couple of holes to fill at LB

Just to continue on...

DL - Davis, Wynn, Laurent, Howsare :+1:
LB - Lawrence, Santos-Knox, Beverette :+1:
DB - Rolle, Brooks, Evans, Williams, Adeleke :+1:

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May I counter with...
Meanwhile over in Toronto.......once again....as usual..... :toilet: :poop: :anchor:

I was saving that image for when the Argos lost their first game. :wink: My Jays fan group uses it every time the Jays go on a losing streak, though it's to mock the fair weather band-wagoners that joined the fan base post-2015.

@MadJack Winnipeg definitely played a great game, no denial there. However, every individual loss in a 20 year losing streak is a choke that contributes to The Great Choke when you're in a league with only 8-9 teams. Enough time has passed that half the league has won at least 3 times since the last time Hamilton got 1. Every other team has won at least once and a brand new team has made 3 appearances and won once. That's a pretty epic choke.

Last 20 years of Grey Cups since Hamilton won:

CGY: 4 in 7

MTL: 3 in 8

BC: 3 in 4

EDM: 3 in 4

TOR: 3 in 3

SSK: 2 in 4

WPG: 1 in 4

OTT: 1 in 3

HAM: 0 in 3

Well what can I tell ya but being a Cats fan for as long as I've been it's quite simple really...The Cats like to go to the Grey Cup BUT for whatever reason once they get there they don't seem to like to win the Grey Cup . :unamused:

I still remember back in the Eighties when the big joke with my buddies and me was let's go to the bar and watch the Cats lose the Cup . :anguished:

The only time out of 5 appearances in that decade that it didn't happen was in "86" when we screwed up and actually won the darn thing . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :trophy:

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You know what’s interesting about a lot of those cup losses by every team though? Many have been played in the opposing conference. Look at Calgary’s three losses, and they would have been favourites and heavily so in most of them - 2012 in Toronto, 2016 in Toronto again and 2017 in Ottawa.

Hamilton- against Riders in Regina 2013, in BC in 2014, in Calgary in 2019.

Toronto? They had the good fortune to be at home in 2012, and Ottawa twice in 2004 and 2017.

You can pick time periods that are dry for any team. Hello Argos 1953-1982, Stamps 1949-1970, Alouettes crapping out against the Esks in the mid 50s then not getting back in and winning until 1970. Riders 1967-1988. Blue Bombers 1991-2018. BC Lions 1965-1984. Ottawa 1977-1996 then folding twice.

Hell even Edmonton ran dry from 1957 -1974.

Still doesn’t change the fact that Hamilton crapped out last three GCs, but hey, makes me sleep a bit better anyway lol. :wink:

Argos could move up and be big dogs this year or fall flat on their faces- throwing a bunch of free agents together and see if it sticks to the wall. They may come together in the second half of the season but I think the teams with more continuity in the east like Ham and Mtl have the big advantage to start the season at least, especially with no preseason games to work together.

Should be very interesting. There is usually one sleeper team in the league who surprises everyone. 2019 was the Alouettes. Maybe Ottawa or BC sneaks up on the league this year. And I could see one of Ham, Wpg, Sask or Cal taking a step back.


You make excellent points. Teams go on runs, sometimes hold on to veterans too long & then have to rebuild. Fact is Hamilton is a team that has all the pieces to win a Cup this year & should win the East handily. The Bombers had 2 tough tests to get to the Cup last year whereas the TiCats had a pretty easy go. That might have factored in. Teams who have a lot of veterans should have an advantage, especially early, for the reason you point out - no pre-season games, more continuity. Have to rely on old film to game plan.

I can see Riders & Calgary stepping back in the West. Riders go as Fajardo goes & that OL has taken some big hits. Calgary has lost a dozen starters. And Wpg? You may be right there. Harris is 34 & IS the offence. Leading rusher & receptions leader too. Streveler & his 700+ yards really helped in the rush game so teams couldn't key on Harris. Oh yeah, & Medlock.

Some teams are going to start off 3-0, 4-0 & others the reverse. An early run in a short season is a good kick start. In that area, Riders & Stamps have an advantage with lots of home games early. They need to win those games because they finish, respectively, with 6 of 8 & 6 of 9 on the road. This is going to be a very interesting season & full of surprises IMO.

Jackson Bennett is at RB also

Special Teams like at Kicker and Snapper is a ? Right now but at least Reinbold and Butler are experienced and know the game and reportably the long snapper was working with Crawford before Crawford went to Calgary

They only won one grey cup during my life time in 99 but I didn't watch football yet then have watched the game on YouTube now though. I've been a fan for 17 years since 04

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the "94" part of your name is the year you were born ? If I'm right it would make you around the same age as my youngest son who just turned 27 at the end of May .

I actually have somewhere pics of my then 5 yr old son with his older brother and sister holding the Grey Cup after that win . I actually started taking him to games when he was 4 yrs old in "98" . He's been an avid fan ever since . So actually he has 7 yrs on you being a Cats fan and football fan in general . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My son and yourself are exactly what this league needs in finding a new generation of fans to keep this great league going on into the future . :+1:


yes its the year i was born and started watching football when i was 10 after Ryan Donnelly visited my elementary school, i went to my first game in 2007 at age 13

i kinda remember watching some of the 2002 grey cup half time cause of shania twain so likely watched some of that game but didn't love football till 2 years later

Oh look! Evidence that the community outreach approach works!

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