2021 season will be delayed according to reporter Arash Madani

So conspiracy theories still abound . :crazy_face: It's like a dog with a stick and the stick seems to be winning .

Pat Lynch (Let it go , just let it go)

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How do you know the reporters are lying? How do you KNOW ?

You don't know s....

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Farhan says (Yesterday on Saskatchewan radio 620) that the latest draft he looked at a couple weeks ago has some East Teams returning home the week of August 26th. I think the will be the case no matter what the Ontario government decides. At some point you just have to move forward. I think it does almost guarantee fans for the last 10 games in all markets so a YES vote on Monday is likely.

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Farhan is not like Arash.
I find his takes to be honorable,
I just can't see Farhan risking his reputation


On the same radio show Tuesday, Arash said he thinks there will be a season even if they start 2 weeks later in August and play 12 games.

Twelve game season. Pretty simple. Every West team plays every other West team twice to make 8 games. And plays every East team once to make a full season of 12 games.
Every East team has the 5 against all the West teams. And plays every other East team twice, to get to 11. And the TiCats play the Argos a bonus time. And the Als play the RedBlacks a bonus time, so that all East teams end up with 12 too.
Speaking of 12, I've been sending free schedules to the league office since I was twelve and Jake Gaudaur held down the post. Great guy, but unfortunately he never gave me any credit.

How many of your schedules have they used?

None ... but I still deserve some credit ... don't you think?

Not sure how to answer that. From the info you've provided, it sounds like the league is not seeking your input on the schedule and your time could be better spent in other ways.

12 would suck for the players . They are already taking an additional 22% pay cut for the 4 missed games. Plus all the players, not on a minimum salary, took between a 10% and 30% reduction in pay already compared to 2019.

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Correct they need to play more games even if it means playing 2 games in a week.
It has to be worth their while financialy to come to Canada to play

The CBA, which expires next spring, either has to be or has just been agreed upon with all the covid caused changes for this year. This statement, regarding that, I find surprising.

CFL News


"As it is written now, there are NO provisions for vaccines." -


Since I've declared myself the expert in schedule making and if there is a need for more games than 12 or the 14 in the CFL's first plan, then 16 is the simplest and the fairest. Every team plays the 8 other opponents twice.

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But the possibility of two games a week is kind of off-putting, and because the CFL has an odd number of teams, whether a week is a whole week or not, one team gets a bye every week, which could drag the Grey Cup past Christmas.

Agreed. I am pre-occupied with this. I just went back to the 1967 season to see an example of a 14 game schedule. The Tiger-Cats played the Eastern teams 3 times and the Western teams once. They played two away games just two days apart; October 7 in Calgary, October 9 in Regina - both losses.
What I didn't remember was that the Western teams played a 16 game schedule, starting two weeks earlier to make up for having the fifth team out there.
Teams playing a different number of games is really messed up - a guy wins the rushing title because he got to play two more games.
Anyhow, I'm going to give it a rest now.

That's one of life's mysteries. Players in the 1960s could push themselves like that, while half of them probably smoked and drank and they didn't work out nearly as much as today. Yet despite all we've learned about fitness and treatments since then, somehow bodies now seem to break down quite often (ACLs, etc).


Would be a one season thing and only if necessary to get all the games in.
Just like the Dec 12th Grey Cup, only happens this year, they aren't going to make it permanent.