2021 Season Team by Team

A team by team outlook for the RTP season 2021 from a fan's prospective:
Winnipeg: Best Team on paper (the target)
Saskatchewan: Always on the cusp (QB could be an issue)
Edmonton: Lots of potential (will surprise)
Calgary: BLM covers their weaknesses (always competitive)
BC: Still building their identity (will improve)
Hamilton: Lots of pressure plus a veteran team (overconfident)
Toronto: Interesting (will all the signings work)
Montreal: No clue (The CFL's biggest question mark)
Ottawa: New staff (will take a season to build team)

Lets have some fun

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I agree with all of your points, especially on Montreal and Toronto. BC should be the most improved depending on their o-line. Toronto and Ottawa will need the new QB’s to perform. Hamilton will be fine. My Als lost a lot of key players.
It’s all up in the air. It will be very interesting to say the least.
I liked your post....no Covid or XFL or politics. I’m surprised at the response.
I had fun with it. Thanx.

I think this thread got lost in the shuffle never noticed it until now .

Montreal can be a Cinderella team . Just a great story in 2019 .

Ottawa has so much to work on . Heavy lifting I have no expectations except hard work and never give up .

Hamilton is very strong . Lot's of depth .

Toronto I just don't expect much and that might be a good thing as they have no where to go but up .

Calgary is just a solid organization I have to pick them out of respect .

Edmonton and the changes at coaching leaves me thinking they are vulnerable . Rookie HC .

BC and the new coach might end up surprising some if his QB stays healthy .

Winnipeg needs more depth at QB or they better protect Collaros . They lucked out with him coming over late in the season . Played very well after joining them and game managed as well as any QB in the league .

Saskatchewan also has a great QB with lot's of upside . I expect them to fight for first in the west .

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Who do I see winning the Grey Cup? My guess is Calgary

I bet you’d buy the same Christmas tree as Charlie Brown. That’s good.

Possibly I want to just use one of the house plants as a tree every year and decorate that . Never get my way .

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