2021 Potential Free Agents

Another quiet day at the office. No official announcement since December 18,2020.

The Alouettes still have 30 potential free agents. The most of any CFL team.


Signings from CFL Transactions

DL Cameron Lawson
DB Marc-Antoine Dequoy
DB Rodney Randle Jr.
LB Tre Watson
WR Nelson Spruce

Good news, particularly draft choices Cameron Lawson-DL and not DB- and DB Marc-Antoine Dequoy.

Still surprised that no official announcement, particularly the draft choices.


I liked Spruce's play both in the AAF and the XFL. . . he might be a good replacement for Bray.

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At his AAF stint, Spruce played with Philip Nelson in San Diego.

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Wasn't a fan of the hire ... but other than "we've made an offer" I wouldn't want him saying anything else in public ...

From John Hodge:

(National offensive lineman) Tyler Johnstone paid his own money to get a platelet injection and is apparently in stellar shape. If Montreal doesn’t re-sign him, going back to the west coast in B.C. makes sense.

Johnstone is probably not a high priority to Danny Maciocia anyway as David Foucault is just one phone call away. :grinning:

CFL transactions yesterday had DB Romeo Finley signing.

Also yesterday, there was strange post congratulating WR Devin Ross for being assigned to the Als Neg List. Being on a neg list is not a big deal, but the post implied signing. However in my opinion, it is unlikely that Ross would sign with a CFL team right now.

CFL Transactions list the following as being released:

RB Shaq Murray-Lawrence
DT Michael Sanelli
DB Marloshawn Franklin
LB Tevin Floyd
DL Elijah Norris
DL Chase DeMoor

Spring League posted that instead Franklin re-signed today, but I suspect they just misread the transaction.

THE Spring League? Are they still in business? I thought they halted their season because of the pandemic and there were rumors that coaches weren't getting paid

Definitely no surprises with these moves/releases.

Before these moves, there were 95 players on the roster; now down to 89, including 15 WRs,17 DL and 19 DB's.

More moves/releases will come in the weeks ahead, moves that will definitely include veteran players.


Henoc has been incredibly quiet this offseason. I have a feeling, he will be signing elsewhere.

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I remain confident that Henoc will re-sign with the Alouettes.


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Nos trois lignes dĂ©fensives sont dĂ©jĂ  assez fragiles de mĂȘme, je n'imagine pas Ă  quoi nous ressemblions si Muamba n'est pas de retour. Ce n'est pas Maciocia qui me convaincrait qu'il peut amĂ©liorer la dĂ©fense.

Free agent no more ... Marc-Antoine Dequoy signs 3-yr deal


Great signing. Big and fast. I guess the Packers thought his age(26 yrs) was too old for them to groom. Kinda like young Anikin Skywalker

I hope you are correct.

But I am pleased that none of Muamba, our other free agents, or Maciocia are conducting their negotiations through the press. Silence is golden.

I do know that there is still a month before free agency begins but, nevertheless, amongst the 27 remaining potential free agents, 7 of the top ones, at least to me, are players that were signed to the Alouettes by Kavis Reed.These 7 players are:

Woody Baron DT A
Ciante Evans DB A
Tyler Johnstone OT N
Taylor Loffler S N
Henoc Muamba MLB N
Trey Rutherford OG N
Chris Schleudere OT A

Yes, I am aware that Tyler Johnstone and Taylor Loffler have had serious injuries in the past, but I do think that they still should be re-signed; their contracts could have a lower base salary ( $78,000. to $81,000.) and incentives for playing X numbers of games along with clauses stating that if they end up on 6 game injured list their salaries would be reduced by $6,000. to $9,000. Let's just hope, as has been written, that Danny, if he does not re-sign Tyler, will not sign the "overrated" David Foucault.

With regards to Ciante Evans, Henoc Muamba and Trey Rutherford I have the impression that Danny is asking Ciante and Trey to accept reductions on no less than 10% and of no less than 20% for Henoc. I doubt that they will accept such reductions, particularly Trey and Henoc. I do hope that common sense will prevail and that agreements could be reached.

As I wrote yesterday, I remain confident that Henoc Muamba will re-sign, but my confidence will slowly erode if he's not re-signed within the next 2 weeks. I definitely don't wish that he becomes a free agent on February 9,2021 and that Hamilton signs him the same day. Henoc is residing in Hamilton and if Danny is not flexible, well Henoc will be a Tiger-Cats in 2021.


I presume that the elf has returned to the North Pole with Santa; if not, he is rather quiet. No signing of potential free agent since December 18,2020.

Wake up Danny!


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I'm not a fan of DM ... but it takes two to sign a contract ... I wonder if some players are willing to go to free agency as they are not willing to accept the "Covid-induced" salary reductions DM is undoubtedly offering ... personally think that is a dangerous gamble


Looking at the COVID19 stats coming out of Montreal, there is no way there will be CFL football in Montreal in 2021 unless the CFL is willing to play in empty stadiums.