2021 Potential Free Agents

Also, CFL Transactions yesterday had QB Philip Nelson being signed. Nelson has had stops in Winnipeg, AAF, and XFL.

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Thank you okie.

If so, great news, particularly Jake Wieneke. The Elf is still busy.


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Yes, Wieneke is a great re-signing. Blanc is a meh.

Nelson I suppose is brought in to challenge Shiltz for the backup role.

Maciocia has certainly been more active than most other GMs in the league.

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Hoping to read that Muamba has signed.
For me he is a must.


Nelson was charged with 5th degree assault when he put a former Minnesota State player, Isaac Kolstad in a coma. He kicked the victim in the head when he was down on the ground. Lost his ride to Rutgers because of that

How the Als missed that is startling. I hope that Nelson learned from this episode

Here's the back story:

"Nelson was charged with first- and third-degree assault for kicking former Minnesota State Mankato football player Isaac Kolstad in the head during the early morning hours of May 11, 2014, after a night of underage drinking. The argument allegedly involved conversation surrounding a bar bouncer hitting on Nelson's girlfriend. ther people around the area reported that Nelson allegedly kicked Kolstad while he was unconscious, following being punched by a third party, Trevor Shelley. Shelley, also facing first- and third-degree assault charges, told police he did not hit Kolstad. Kolstad was left unable to breathe on his own following significant destruction of brain tissue and underwent surgeries. Surveillance video of the fight shows Kolstad throwing the first punch, knocking Nelson to the ground. The fight lasted eight seconds. Nelson, age 20, and Kolstad were both intoxicated, according to police.
Kolstad's injuries included a skull fracture, brain shifting, brain bleeding and lung deterioration due to lack of oxygen. Kolstad moved home with his wife and two daughters in 2014. Kolstad suffered permanent brain damage. Nelson pleaded guilty to lesser charges and reached a civil settlement with Kolstad in 2018."

That's from wikipedia, so take it with the appropriate amount of salt.

Don't rely on Wikipedia. Found the story on YT. The algorithms lead me to the matter

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I would expect that the Als (like every other team Nelson has been on) already knows the story and have accepted his explanation and/or remorse concerning the incident.

That's exactly why I wrote to take it with the appropriate amount of salt.

News report:

Nelson in the AAF:

I saw that video also. I just wonder if Maciocia did his due diligence on Nelson before he signed him.

Sure he got sucker punched, but you don't kick a man in the head when one is laid motionless on the ground. That is low.

Nelson is lucky that he didn't kill Kolstad. It's sad that Kolstad has sustained a permanent brain injury.

If I was in Als Management, I would've passed on him and signed somebody else

I know that Jake Wieneke has re-signed, but I am surprised that there have been no official announcement from the Alouettes/Danny. May come today. Other announcements? Stay tuned!


Captain Obvious:

There are more free agents than we can imagine for 2021 - beyond the two rounds of CFL free agents now and various NFL free agents and guys on and off expanded practice rosters, you have a few guys holding out and keeping in shape via the two failed football leagues in the US plus also in some make-shift pro league that played this summer that I don't know much about.

Realist Paolo X:

It'll be interesting to see any former CFLers or Canadians in the NFL who cycle on back, but I think this is even less likely given the expanded practice rosters in the NFL that I think will be here to stay for 2021 because the virus will not be eradicated (and we may have even more on our hands anew for that matter).

Once a CFLer or Canadian has cracked an NFL roster, now there are all the more spots on practice rosters with different rules and low restrictions.

These players hold out there until the day comes when guys are sick and they need bodies to play for the make-shift rescheduled games with not the same team like they have done this season such that the show must go on.

Welcome back Paolo. Good to read from you. Where you been? Working at the North Pole? LOL!

If former CFLers and Canadian Nationals don't come back. Ambrosie's CFL 2.0 comes in. It can be used to fill CFL rosters. A couple of Global players should be able to play decent pro football.

Merry Christmas, Paolo

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La semaine a été plus tranquille que la précédente, mais qu'on le veuille ou non, il fallait s'attendre à ce que le rythme des signatures ralentisse un jour ou l'autre. Néanmoins, grâce au retour de Wieneke (non confirmé par les Alouettes mais tout de même présent dans le Transaction Board), nous pouvons affirmer avec confiance que notre attaque sera solide, à condition que la ligne offensive puisse protéger adéquatement Adams Jr. Les signatures de Faubert-Lussier et de Julien-Grant deviennent moins primordiales, mais je considère que leur présence dans l'alignement reste nécessaires au point de les préserver dans la catégorie des incontournables, ne serait-ce que pour solidifier la profondeur.

Les incontournables:
-Dante Absher
-Mario Alford
-Ciante Evans
-Felix Faubert-Lussier
-Philippe Gagnon
-Kaion Julien-Grant
-DJ Lamala
-Eugene Lewis
-Taylor Loffler (en fonction de son état de santé)
-Henoc Muamba
-Christophe Normand
-Trey Rutherford
-Jake Wieneke
-Tony Washington
-Greg Reid
-Chris Schleuger
-Quan Bray (tout dépendant de sa situation judiciaire)

Les peut-être:
-Woody Baron
-Bo Banner
-Jean-Samuel Blanc
-Malcolm Carter
-Ty Cranston
-David Menard
-Matt Schiltz
-Landon Rice
-Tyrell Sutton
-John Bowman (si la ligne ne s'améliore pas)
-Tyquwan Glass
-Antonio Simmons

Les sacrifiables:
-John Bowman (si la ligne s'améliore)
-Junior Luke
-Naaman Roosevelt
-James Wilder Jr
-BJ Cunningham
-Adrian Tracy
-Tyler Johnstone

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Alors que les signatures récentes furent très positives, espérons que nous aurons d'autres belles annonces dans las derniers 6 jours de 2020.

Henoc Muamba et Trey Rutherford sont certainement parmi mes souhaits préférés.

Bonne fin de soirée.


I'd like to see Schleuger signed. I think he can be a top five Linesman in the league.

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I am not convinced the Als feel the same way about Schleuger or that he will even return in 2021.

For Henoc Muamba, we all know it will come down to money. With Kwaku Boateng getting over 200k, Muamba will probably not take much of a discount to stay in Montreal. Als could point out to him that they could always go with DJ Lalama instead as he was penciled in by Bob Slowik as the starter with the departure of Chris Ackie. But then it might not be the best idea to count on someone as a starter who might be a medical risk.

If Edmonton's Kwaku Boateng is really being paid over $200,000. it's definitely too much. He is not worth that kind of money. At $40,000. less he would still be well paid. Yes, he's a national player but I do think that he is overrated. In 2019, in 18 games he had 20 DT's and 8 sacks. Did not even make the Western All-Star.

Yes, he is not a national player and is much older but he nevertheless had 45 DT's in 16 games and 8 sacks in 2019. Rookie Antonio Simmons had 45 DT's in 18 games and 3 sacks in 2019.

If Henoc Muamba asks excessive salary, or more than $170,000, the Als will have to look at other options, even if he is a national player.


Vraiment tranquille chez les Alouettes. Oui, 17 agents libres potentiels ont re-signé, mais c'est le silence complet depuis le 18 décembre 2020. L'article de ce jour était"Dernières signatures de la semaine". Espérons que ce ne sont pas les dernières de 2020.

Le 23 décembre 2020, selon transactions de la LCF, nous constatons que Jean-Samuel Blanc et Jake Wieneke ont re-signé, mais pas de confirmation officielle.

Espérons des nouvelles dans ces derniers 3 jours de 2020.


You kind of have an idea of where the ratio is going with the Als. By the signings, the Elf made and didn't make, at least so far.

Signing Washington tells you they are looking at 4 Canadians on the Oline. Two Canadians on the Defensive line and likely a Safety or LB.

I would be very surprised if they signed Loffler and Johnstone back. They paid these guys for two years with almost zero contribution from them. The money is just too tight to take Flyers on "Tub talent" in the new CFL. Really sad because both were top, top talent.

Probably a lot of players are not in a rush to sign. We know there is little to no upfront money offered and I'm sure many doubt if there will be a season. Alouettes appeared to have signed more of their FA than most teams. I would not be too bothered Richard.

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