2021 Player Awards

Honestly don't recall this. Could you cite some examples, pls. ?

Just down the road from the stadium on Barton Street . It's just between the Mattress Surplus Store and the Cash Chequing Place right across the street from the Tattoo Shop and KFC .

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No wonder the stadium district is so attractive to Grey Cup visitors. Hopefully by 2023 we get a Bargain Harolds somewhere along that strip. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Not trying to single out Crash. There were many others also. I don't care either way but it's hilarious that he gets mocked and then ends up as a COTY candidate.

Point was Stein got out coached by Dinwiddie , a rookie. Its not mockery. It's a legit criticism.

Bad clock management ? also a legit criticism with a Jones joke.

Not sure saying Dinwiddie was mocked was the way to go here.

When you type somebody's name and then repeat it with periods after both his first and last name. Everybody knows what that means.

Similar to what you did here when you proclaimed your affinity for Dom Davis.

It meant exactly what it was intended to mean. Stein got beat three times by a rookie HC.
Mockery was a poor choice of words here because it never actually happened.

I'm confused as to the point you're making.
He's a coach of the year candidate mostly because he outcoached Steinauer 3 times.

That's the entire point.

If we won those games, he wouldn't be a candidate for the award distinguished coaches like Ticats legend Greg Marshall won.

If anything speaks to how a coach can be terrible and be nominated strictly off win/loss record.

He won 6 other games other than Hamilton including a win against the mighty Bombers. He also did it with a QB roster that might be capable but not exactly HOF material. Maybe Dinwiddie deserves more credit.

In the 6 other games he personally tried to give 2 of them away with stupid coaching decisions that he himself admitted he had to learn from.

He's the benefactor of a built up roster, Chris Jones defense and some absurd kicking luck (BC, Ott).

The award has been a "most improved" award many times.

But you're gonna argue just because of who's typing it.

A couple of us could say the turf at THF is Green and you'd argue it. So I'm done.

I said I was not trying to single out Crash. There were others. Can you not read or something?

Dinwiddie wasn't mocked. That was the point. That's it.

OK. :ok_hand:

I wondered the same about White and Dunbar. Personal accolades aside they have been great first year additions.

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Sorry to interrupt. Here's some eye candy.


Quick check-in on the nominees after the first round of playoffs.

East MOP Stanback was a non-factor, after likely forming the basis of his team’s game plan. Played his worst game of the year in the biggest game of the year.

East Outstanding Canadian Menard was not good enough to start for his team in a league that mandates a certain number of Canadian starters (a CFL first?), and did not record a stat.

Our guy who was snubbed, Adeleke, started in an unfamiliar position, led all tacklers in the game, and had a crucial knockdown at the goal line on MTL’s last gasp.

East Defensive nominee Simoni helped anchor a dominant defence and was below his average with only two tackles, outshone by his teammates on the D-line.

East O-lineman Revenberg … well, I didn’t watch him at all but his team won and gave up just one sack.

The only western nominee to play today was Paredes, who presumably played the worst game of his life and will not sleep peacefully until next June.


One Illegal Procedure penalty.

I did see that. Wouldn't be a Tiger-Cats game without it. He was just taking one for the team.

If it was UR, I would agree. Still, he had a pretty darned good game.

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