2021 Player Awards

Team nominees are out. No real surprises for HAM, other than the oddity of Simoni being unanimous for MOP but not for defensive player.

Rest are here: https://www.cfl.ca/2021/11/17/cfl-announces-2021-team-award-winners/
Biggest surprise for me is Jefferson not getting the WPG defensive nomination.

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Maybe Cariel Brooks got some votes?

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No Michael Reilly and Bo Levi Mitchell.

What's this league coming to? :thinking:

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For the East, I think it's Stanback for MOP and Dedmon is an absolute lock for Special Teams.

Probably this Kurleigh Gittens fellow for Canadian because he's an Argo and everything they do is more special, although you could make a good case for Adeleke.

Simoni probably has a decent shot at Defensive, as our defence was the best in the conference and he is the leader.

Beyond that I have no idea.

Is Tim White not considered a rookie? Would have thought he’d have it locked up but maybe NFL experience takes him out of the running.

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Adeleke has had a great year and makes a huge impact in our secondary. Easily the top Canadian.


Just my opinion and 2 cents worth but the winners are...

Player : East....Stanback ( Mtl ) runner up
Player : West ..Collaros ( Wnp ) winner

Defen : East...Lawrence ( Ham ) runner up
Defen : West..Bighill ( Wnp ) winner

Canad: East..Gittens jr ( Tor ) runner up
Canad: West..Demski ( Wnp ) winner

O-Line:East....Revenberg ( Ham ) runner up
O-Line:West..Bryant (Wnp ) winner

Spec T: East..Deadmon ( Ott ) winner
Spec T: West..Paredes ( Calg ) runner up

Rook : East....Nicastro ( Tor ) runner up
Rook : West ..Williams ( BC ) winner


Right. He played 3 NFL games with Baltimore in '18 and that's why he's not eligible fore the CFL rookie award.

Also note that our other rookie receiver Steven Dunbar jr is also disqualified from the award because he played one game with the 49ers in 2018 .

Desmond Lawrence has been a great find for us at corner. Although he got burned in that OT disaster against the Als, he’s since made some big one-on-one plays, and has fit right in back there. The kid can cover.

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Possibly some votes for J'Gared Davis as well ?

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Any word on if Frankie is close to a return?

He was playing at an All Star level at the time of his injury.

Congrats to Simoni Lawrence and Brandon Revenberg.
Collaros, Stanback headline 2021 CFL Award finalists - CFL.ca


Player William Stanback (MTL) Zach Collaros (WPG)
Defensive Simoni Lawrence (HAM) Adam Bighill (WPG)
Canadian David Ménard (MTL) Bo Lokombo (BC)
Offensive Lineman Brandon Revenberg (HAM) Stanley Bryant (WPG)
Special Teams DeVonte Dedmon (OTT) Rene Paredes (CGY)
Rookie Peter Nicastro (TOR) Jordan Williams (BC)
Coach of the Year Ryan Dinwiddie (TOR) Mike O’Shea (WPG)

Your predictions were remarkably accurate in all categories except Canadian. Well done!

Yea I'm kind'a surprised that it was Lokombo over Demski , not that Lokombo wasn't deserving . I think that perhaps the voting committee figured that four finalists (including COY ) out of 7 categories for Winnipeg was plenty and decided to spread the love around a bit .

It's interesting that in the East there was an even split of two a piece each between the three play-off teams and a bone also thrown to the non play-off sad sack REDBLACKS .

Anyways might as well predict the winners now that the finalists have be selected .

MOP..........Zac Collaros...............Winnipeg
DEF............Simoni Lawrence......Hamilton
CAN............Bo Lokombo.............BC
OL...............Stanley Bryant..........Winnipeg
ST................DeVonte Dedmon....Ottawa
ROOKIE......Jordan Williams........BC
COY............Mike O'Shea.............Winnipeg

Dinwiddie was mocked around these parts but there's his name in lights.

There was really no other choice in the East. It's been a strange year. TOR and WPG were the only teams to improve upon their win percentage compared to 2019, other than a couple of also-rans who still missed the playoffs.

It's almost counterintuitive that nearly everyone can get worse in a zero-sum game.

I thought it was the "Coach of the year award" didn't realize it was the " Biggest horseshoe up your ass award" . The winner won't even be close , it will go to the homeless looking guy in the Peg in a landslide .

Just my opinion but Dimwiddie was a lousy QB and he is also a lousy HC .

Well Dinwiddie might not be the next Belichek but as a rookie HC and an overhauled roster he managed to cobble together a 9-5 record and 1st place in the East division. Not to shabby actually.

Where can Orlondo buy some of these horseshoes? :stuck_out_tongue: