2021 NHL Season

Political alliance and Citizenship are 2 completely different things
Being Canadian doesn't mean you like Trudeau

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True. But being Canadian generally means you believe in the system that rules the land.

Or add his WHA stats. Ovi would be left in the dust

lol ok well I won't go that far
An extra 46 goals as a pro

The more interesting scenario to me would have been if the 6 teams were allowed to join the NHL
Gretz could have stayed in Indianapolis instead of Edmonton and how different history would have been

great as WG was, he had a hell of a good supporting cast in Edmonton. Might not have done quite as well staying in Indy. One of the best still, but......

Interesting development with Kane, will have to follow this one:

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A divorce and we are taking the wife's word?
Have you read some of her other absurd allegations?

Sure, The NHL will get on that investigation soon after they investigate that Chicago Blackhawks investigation. :roll_eyes:

Do you understand the inherent contradiction in citing his passing when discussing ONLY goal scoring ... as someone who watched The Grate One when he played he dominated the puck as well ... but that's OK because it was Wiyne.


Not sure at all what you are talking about for a contradiction

If Player A shoots 30% of the time and passes 70% of the time
AND Person A has a shooting percentage of 20%

Player B shoots 50% of the time and passes 50% of the time with a shooting percentage of 10%

B is taking way more shots of goal (presumably at expense of his team) and as mentioned above A also played way better Defence (esp as he got older)

The theory posited is simply that because Gretz had a much higher shooting percentage that if he held the puck more he would have (presumably) scored more
Instead he was a team player and that is why most remember him as a leader

Ovi not so much

Either way its moot since Ovi will not catch Gretz, much less Howe anyways

I don't know what y'all are drinking but I want some...

The only record that people are linking Ovi to Gretzky is NHL Regular Season Goals. When people talk about Ovi "beating Gretzky" absolutely no one is discussing the merits of any other record being broken or whether Ovi is a better overall player than Gretzky.

Gretzky: 894
Howe: 801
Ovi: 730

894 - 730 = 164 goals needed ÷ a five year contract = 33 goals per regular season to break Gretzky
801 - 730 = 71 goals needed ÷ five year contract = 14 goals per regular season to break Howe

Ovi's last ten regular seasons:

2011-2012: 38 in 78 games
2012-2013: 32 in 48 games (lockout shortened season, pace for 54 in 82)
2013-2014: 51 in 78 games
2014-2015: 53 in 81 games
2015-2016: 50 in 79 games
2016-2017: 33 in 82 games
2017-2018: 49 in 82 games
2018-2019: 51 in 81 games
2019-2020: 48 in 68 games (covid shortened season, pace for 57 in 82)
2020-2021: 24 in 45 games (covid shortened season, pace for 44 in 82)

Even if he posts his career worst numbers each season for the next five seasons he still beats both records before his contract expires. And no, current era goalie pads will not suddenly slow Ovechkin when they never did before.

He's been showing better longevity than Jagr was at the same age. Notwithstanding injuries, he passes Howe in 2022-2023 and Gretzky in 2024-2025 with a season to spare. If he needs that spare season it will be for less than 20 goals, he'll be fine.

You also have to consider the era Gretzky started in.

21 teams, 8 times against division opponents a Symthe Division in which, outside of the Flames, they are 3 fairly weak teams. (Can you believe the Oilers blew out LA 13-2 in the 2nd game of the first round on 1987?

Doesn't necessarily take away from his accomplishments but even he can admit to that being a classy individual and perfect ambassador for the sport of hockey.

Another legend is gone :frowning:

Was 78


my first favorite goalie.

That is so not true at all....
Besides the obvious fact the Calgary Flames were the second best team in the league so 8 games against them is tough but most of the Smythe teams (incl the Kings, Jets, and Canucks) beat the tar out of the Norris Division when they had the unbalanced schedule
Gretz played his later seasons in a murderous division against some of the best the NHL had to offer

On flip side there was NO imbalance in early seasons
If you go back to the 1980s era the NHL played a completely balanced schedule (every team played every other team the exact same number of times, 80 game schedule in 21 team NHL equals 4 games with 2 home and 2 road) and playoff standings were seeded by league standings not division standings
THIS was the era Gretz put up his monster seasons; playing every single team/goalie in the league the same number of times

Ovi had (by far) a way more biased schedule in his career as often divisions did not play each other (or a 1 game a year thing) and even more recently the bubble divisions

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There's more parity now than back in the day.

Both accomplishments are noteworthy regardless of eras.

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Canes offersheet Habs Kotkaniemi
payback is a bitch

From 2019

Til now 2021

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$6,100,015 is also a weird number

The $20 signing bonus was for Aho. The $15 was for Kotkaniemi. He wore No. 15 with the Canadiens.

Donnie can have him for $6.100.015. (+$20 bonus) :wink:

Too bad he did not spend that kind of money on one of his best dman last year and watched him sign with the Devils.

You guys will no depth if you let KK go. Don't re-sign him, NO playoffs for the Habs. Bergevin is messing up the works in Montreal. Looks good on him.