2021 NHL Season

Frank Seravalli

BREAKING: Sources tell


the #SeaKraken have NOT selected Carey Price from Montreal in the Expansion Draft. The #Habs keep their goaltending duo in-tact, but are likely to lose defenseman Cale Fleury.


5 years at a cap hit of $9.5. Whoa!!


Not much of a surprise to be honest. Everyone knows he's eyeing Gretzky's record and he'll need 4-5 years to do it depending on injuries. That record is toast now though, there's no way Ovi's retiring without it. The price tag is the same as he's been making already.

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Ovi won't get close to Gretzky's goal scoring record because he doesn't have an elite, pure passing, selfless center like an Adam Oates or Craig Janney to feed him the puck. Ovi will get bought out by the next Capitals' GM in a few years

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Your bias is showing. :wink: He needs 33 goals per season... he's still averaging 50 per 82...

Gretzky was a far better player than Ovi
Ovi is much more of a puck hog and a much worse shot than Gretzky ever was

Even ignoring the massive diff in assist totals, just take a look at shots & shooting percentage

Gretzky 5088 shots 17.6%
Ovi 5727 shots 12.7% (amazingly he is only 2nd on all time list, but Ray Bourque also played 500 more games)

I personally do not think Ovi will catch Gretzky in total goals scored, but if by some miracle he actually does just keep in mind its his puck hogging that allows him to claim individual stats at the expense of his teams performance come playoff times

Goalie equipment of the Gretzky era compared to today for Ovi
The biggest reason Gretzkys record won't be broken


Tend to agree

Definitely protecting a shot to the groin better with that stance and added padding .

But I see a better five hole .

Hard to believe years ago even before that they had such flimsy equipment and no mask .

Add in size of goalies today (Vasilevsky 6' 4" ; Ben Bishop 6' 7" ; Connor Hellebuyck 6'4" )

I think the possible debate is about Greatest Goal Scorer, not the best player

then there is goals per game played

NHL All-Time Goals per Game Leaders (quanthockey.com)

as opposed to points per game played

NHL All-Time Points per Game Leaders (quanthockey.com)

Au contraire, moi ami. I like Ovi(despite his political alliance). But he is due for a major injury. He's getting up there and the knees and joints just ain't limber like it use to

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I blame sieves like Reggie Lemenin(sic), Pete Peeters and Garth Snow for bending the rules on goalie equipment

Even as a goal scorer

Think about it
Gretz scored AND passed
If he puck hogged like Ovi did (esp in early days) he would have way more total goals

That is same thing as +/- its kinda out of date

Goals Created per Game is the metric normally used these days
(as you need to factor in both your team and NHL avg)

In that aspect Lemieux ends up as #1 (and Gretz drops to #3)
Ovi at #16 is still good though not best

Completely different era of hockey.

Even within historical context
You are comparing 1 player who dominated all the other players around him (many of those Gretz beat also are in HHOF today)

Ovi is dominant but nowhere near on same level. Heck many still argue Crosby is better than Ovi and that injury was only thing that stopped him.

hmmmm....I never ever thought that Ovi was a better player than Crosby. Kav ...do you think Ovi is is a better player? For me it's never been even a close call?

3 Stanley Cups, 2 Olympic Golds, and on Canada Cup (I know the World Cup of Hockey) Championship vs only one Stanley Cup would say otherwise.

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Political alliance??? He born in Russia. Is still a Russian and loves his home country. You make it sound like a bad thing, like he chose it after close scrutiny. He's the same as you and me. How is it even possible or appropriate to dislike someone for having different citizenship than us?