2021 NHL Season

Them fights were good but I think they were even better fights between Quebec City and Montreal .

Yup . Agree on that one . Some of those Habs/ Nordique brawls were legendary . :boxing_glove: :boxing_glove: :muscle:


Good Friday classic.

Hah ok I implied "fights" to mean close games and no lead was safe

Yes neither AB team was a super brawler though they both carried some thugs on the rosters

Now if you guys want to talk fights in the literal sense nothing tops the 1970s era NHL
Not even in the WHA Nordiques were never biggest bruisers

I know Philadelphia - Ottawa hold the NHL record for most penalties but in modern era they also call a heck of a lot more

I think the NHL should take away the Cup from any player that has damaged in any way. The bill for the repair is given to the players responsible for the damage. If you don't respect the Cup, that privilege of hosting the Cup is immediately terminated no matter who the player is. You shouldn't handle the Cup if you are drunk or high. The Cup should be handled on Terra Firma , not on water, pools.

Pritchard, the Cup keeper should be fired for allowing the Cup to get manhandled like that

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The Cup has been damaged (and even lost) many times over its history

It's got to stop. The players are abusing the Cup. The Cup should be treated with respect it deserves. Nobody dents the Holy Grail.

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No worries, there are 2 other Stanley Cups.

I think there are 3. The display in Toronto(original). the player Cup and the fan Cup that is taken on tours for awareness, charities, etc.

The original has the the Ottawa Silver Seven winner inscribed inside the Cup and has a yellow tinge to it because of it's age


I came across this fine comment on a soccer forum about US television rights for soccer, and I was amazed how much MORE popular the NHL rights are despite the growth in soccer interest and viewership.

As noted at the end, the NHL deal runs on both ESPN and Turner through the 2028 season. I'm hoping this is a sign of the coverage looking up here in the US.

Now hopefully we can have a season start and end on time! No more hockey in July for me and like many fans, I'm in for June only if the in teams in the finals interest me greatly.

by "Ra"
I was doing some comparisons and soccer rights seem to be dirt cheap compared to other sports in the US. EPL would be a great acquisition for Apple, HBO or Amazon to get their foot in the water. It seems particularly that ESPN+ is underpaying for Bundesliga while overpaying for LaLiga. Let me know if you have more pieces:

League | Start Year-End Year | Cost/Year ($M) | Provider
Bundesliga | 2015-2020 | $7M | Fox
Bundesliga | 2020-2025 | $30M | ESPN+
LaLiga | 2021-2029 | $175M | ESPN+
EPL | 2016-2022 | $167M | NBC
World Cup | 2018-2022 | $87.5M | FOX (FIFA extended contract to avoid US courts)
Champions/Europa | 2020-2023 | $150M | CBS
Serie A | 2021-2024 | $75M | CBS
Brasileirao | 2021-2023 | ? | CBS
NHL | don’t care- | $625M | ESPN+/Turner


interesting group of players available in expansion draft.

NHL expansion draft: Protected lists ahead of Seattle Kraken's roster selection (msn.com)

wont be cheering for the Seattle team as I usually do for new teams because I really do not like the team name. Then again, I dont cheer for the Seahawks either.

Ben Bishop AND Carey Price left unprotected????
I dunno what Dallas and Montreal were smoking but protecting Jake is weirdest thing ever

Kraken will def have goaltending in spades

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And then Price announces that he "may" need knee surgery.
Strategic move to say the least

From 31 thoughts

To this point, Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin has not commented on either Price’s situation or Shea Weber’s. That’s not unusual for him. In my experience, when asked about injuries, Bergevin won’t comment until he has clarity, and he prefers to do it in either a media conference or on the Canadiens’ social platforms. It’s happened a few times, and he’s consistent with that.

However, the Kraken have to submit their picks by Wednesday morning, to be revealed that night. (If it’s true some of the players are going to be unveiled by disembarking from float planes, I can’t wait to see it.) Price is not expected to see doctors until after that deadline.

Because Seattle is supposed to get a full medical picture of all exposed players, this isn’t going over well. Other teams are boiling, complaining the Canadiens are using Price and Weber to make a mockery of the expansion process.


Price, cap hit of $10.5 mill. And 34.

Will Francis grab Price at that salary. Throw in his “possible” knee injury.

Guess we will find out soon enough.

Francis ain't going to bite on Price. He has a 11 million dollar bonus payment coming to him. The Habs are stuck with Price

Correct, in a few days.

And I believe Price will remain with the Habs.

Your Bruins guess are going to rely on youth between the pipes.

Nope, they are going to re-sign Hall, Krecji, Rask and Reilly and go after Suter big time

And you're correct on the first point

Unless someone else wants that contract. Apparently, the Kraken does not.

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Apparently Price only waived his no trade clause for the Kraken expansion draft. Anything after that is supposedly still in place.

Makes sense as his wife is from the area. And Price is from BC.

Any event, if it is true, he is still a Hab.

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