2021 NHL Season

Don't tell me there is a toilet paper shortage again ? :roll_of_toilet_paper: :rofl:


We as Canadians need to stop with the obsession of a Canadian team having to win the Stanley Cup to end the drought.

It's an NHL sanctioned tournament.

I mean England lost the Euros. I mean life will go on when the ache and pain is gone.

Who is obsessed?

More the Canadian based media than any of us.

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I for one am a born and bred Canadian boy who is a diehard Islanders fan . Say what you want but I could personally care less if the Cup is won by a Canadian based team or not .

The only exception would be if Hamilton ever got a franchise of course . In all honesty I'm not really a fan of any of the Canadian NHL teams . I don't cheer for those cities in the CFL so why in hell would I cheer for them in the NHL ?

Oilers acquire Duncan Keith from Chicago for Caleb Jones and a 3rd round pick

Edmonton Oilers acquire Duncan Keith from Chicago Blackhawks - TSN.ca

At 37 he's at the been there and won it stage of his career. Could be good fit as the Oilers lack anyone with that championship pedigree.

I think its more a Toronto thing

If Montreal did win local media would be neutral
If Ottawa, Vancouver or an AB team won I doubt much fanfare

The only Canadian NHL teams I cheer for are the Canucks and the Jets.

I did cheer for Montreal because I did not want TB to win.

I did cheer for Calgary way back in Lanny Macdonald days.

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He turns 38 on Friday and will be 40 years old in the last year of his contract @ $5.5M cap hit(I'm shocked there was no retention of Cap)
Plus he is a left shot and the Oilers real need is a right shot Dman.
IMHO, a poor deal by Oilers on this one, his better days were years behind him.
CHI won this deal by a landslide


In my view he is exactly what the Oilers need.

A veteran presence who may rotate in and out of the line up.

I agree with Grover. His better days are long behind him.

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no doubt but i see his future days to be very useful to oilers.
much like corey perry is to montreal

But Corey Perry signed for $750K cap hit

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i guess we will wait and see. Lets chat next season. Ken Holland is pretty good builder of teams.

Absolutely, I'm sure he can still play(obviously) and with McJesus and Draisaitl up front, they can play a lot in the opponents zone
But Father time always catches up to us

no doubt but i'm saying it hasn't caught up yet. We will see.

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Here is the full deal

Turns out the Stanley Cup is going to Montreal after all.

The Stanley cup got significantly damaged in the Tampa boat parade!

Ironically it needs to be sent to Montreal to get repaired! :upside_down_face:


The old Calgary vs Edmonton fights were great hockey
Mind you back in the day those teams also were some of the highest paid in the NHL

Obv economics caught up with them both eventually

And once Montreal repairs the famed cup, believe it will make a return visit at some point as Killorn is from a suburb in the western part of Montreal.