2021 NHL Season

Needs to be said there is a large, smelly elephant in that particular room. That the Bolts were able to power up their playoff roster with likely Conn Smythe Trophy winner Nikita Kucherov after writing off his entire regular season cap hit — a substantial $9.5 million — to Long Term Injured Reserve ranged from clever cap circumvention to old-fashioned cheating, depending on one’s point of view.


…how about Pat Maroon? Guy wins three Stanley Cups in a row…

…that should be his free agency pitch, pick me guaranteed cup…


Same way Ottawa and Arizona meet the floor :slight_smile:

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Ex Hab Assistant GM - Julien Brisebois - GM for the Lightning for figuring out the loop holes.

Guess the opposite for Perry who has made it to the finals two years in a row only to come out on the losing end :wink:

Following the comments of Stamkos after the win last night along with your fine assessment, I am not only amazed about back-to-back championships but also that they occurred in two seasons when everything was off routine.

I know many of you here are diehards for hockey, but I for one don't want to see either hockey (or soccer - diehard fan here - for that matter but for a few quadrennial big tournament games) ever again in July when I want to watch CFL in a normal year.

I have to wonder what kind of money some lucky bloke made on a futures bet for the Lightning to repeat. No way would I have imagined a repeat champion in these times!

NHL has a salary cap

They can spend say $10 per year
Superstar like Kuch gets paid $4 out of that cap

He gets "injured" and spends entire season on reserve list
So TB uses his $4 to pay other players to fill the gap

Playoffs start and salary cap is now bye bye
So Kuch comes back and TB suddenly has a $14 total payroll which is a significant amount more than anyone else

Teams like Islanders scream murder when they are eliminated and make it national news as everyone is questioning gee isn't it convenient he just happens to finish surgery and rehab now on route to a great playoffs

And btw
Teams like Leafs use salary relief all the time as well
Rich teams have money to spend so look for ways to circumvent the system


Thans Kav for the example

My personal take is he was healed well before playoffs and since Tampa was so far up in standings they asked him to continue to sit

But again there is no rule being broken here (beyond things like ethics)

Other than the fact that LTIR is for players medically unable to play.

He was unable to play. Then placed on LTIR then cleared in time for playoffs?
What is so wrong here? Other than optics.


I have to wonder if this is a first for such a photo?

Its off his instagram
(click on the red part)

bah humbug :slight_smile:

Tony, Always remember, your Habs came close
still have 21 more Stanley Cup wins than Tampa!

Grover, you gave me an idea for a T Shirt.
21 more Stanley Cups :wink:

I have no issue with TB winning the cup. They were the better team.


I thought it was photoshopped until you look in the reflection of the Super Bowl Lombardi trophy and see Kucherov's side image profile reflecting back.
Although if you look at the bottom of the base it looks like it's floating in mid air , so who knows if it's real or not ?

Also if you click on his instagram that Grover posted there is no other pic that shows the Lombardi trophy was even there when the pics were shot .


Not on Twitter, but apparently agent Dan Milstein tweeted several players will be wearing that T Shirt during the parade.

Still overpriced! :rofl: