2021 NHL Season

The hockey players are also travelling on private charters, playing with no fans and the league is doing testing daily at their own expense.

It's effectively 7 bubbles

I must be missing something. What hockey players are crossing the border?

Players on Canadian teams who are resident in the USA, Sweden, Finland, Russia. . .

We had a similar double-standard here in Pennsylvania with rightful restrictions on many restaurants, wrongful ones on barber shops and hair salons yet those casinos could stay fully operational :roll_eyes: :money_mouth_face: , and either no restrictions at all on folks coming into the state or restrictions but zero genuine enforcement of them. :yawning_face:

I have zero good to say about our governor :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: like most here in the US either, with all but a few doing far too many of the wrong things or nothing like in especially Texas and in Florida like usual on health matters, but that's elsewhere.

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I get it now

Well when the Provinces cry to the Federal Gov't for military help in long term care centres. they can get the Hockey players to change and feed the elderly instead of the soldiers. I hope those comped NHL tickets were worth it because they will be voted out office after the poor handling of the pandemic

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And who, by my understanding, all came in advance of training camp to quarantine before reporting to camp ... don't think it was for 14 days but I think there was extensive testing during the quarantine to offset that ... and it was whatever the Federal Government required

Starting tomorrow,
There are NHL games scheduled for 116 consecutive nights!!!! :ice_hockey: :eyes: :canada:

interrupted by COVID cases very much what is happening to the NBA

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Nylander with a pair as the Leafs rally back to defeat the Habs in a 5-4 OT thriller. Reilly with the winner.

1 down, 55 to go.

I have yet to watch though am eager to see how NBC handles the coverage of the season down here.

Less of overplayed overstayed Lindsey Vonn and though he's a good guy, less of P. K. Subban will be a massive plus too. It's hockey not People Magazine you NBC folks.

@FYB they show all the Flyers' games on cable here in Philadelphia, so you'd feel right at home. If I could I'd give that part of my subscription to you at no charge you know.

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Sportsnet is smiling! :star_struck:

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I think Rogers will be he biggest winner of the Canadian division.

The earliest all of them will be gone will be the cup finals

Enjoyed the Leafs/Habs game. 9 more between these two teams!

You mean with the help of the refs. Matthews should've gotten a cross checking major when he broke his stick on Ben Chariot's body after a play encounter. The ref should've blown the play dead when the puck hit him. He was in the wrong position in that play that gifted Vesey the goal. Joe Thornton's former junior teammate was officiating game.

Fix was in. The Habs out played the Leafs. And I'm not a Habs fan. I am Bruins fan, It's hard for me to defend the Habs

I posted this in the TV ratings thread but it fits this topic too.

Those who talked about Rogers likely being thrilled with an all Canadian division nailed it,image

appreciate the thought.

My sports package would normally give me lots of games for pretty much every team. Dont know how it will go now.

Anyhow, I dont really watch much until playoffs, so if Flyers make it, I will probably get to see every game.

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Okay, I thought it was some joke in another post because after growing weary of figuring out when the season will start, I tuned out of hockey for a few weeks over the holidays and now for real, they are naming divisions after advertisers?

Damn, at least have one named after a beer or whisky, another for maybe a brand of truck, another for some hardware outfit, and in Canada, well take your pick from the above instead of some damn bank.

I have nothing against Honda but these brands stink for the divisions.

It's a ways away with the action only beginning and good from what I am hearing, so I can't wait to be able to watch some myself.

16 teams, the top 4 in each division, make the playoffs. It's an old school playoff format for the first two rounds but a new school format for the semifinals. I like it.

Does anybody who goes back to the days when the divisions had names have any thoughts?

Any players who are not Canadian nationals
Airflights are allowed just not driving across