2021 NHL Season

Good to see a headline call it as it was with Tom Wilson:

"Zero respect for the game"

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It's too bad the league allowed it to happen in the first place.

It's the Steve Moore incident all over again.

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IMHO, I think it's pretty obvious the League wanted it to happen!

I just don't get why they didn't suspend Wilson for a couple of games for this goon incident. I honestly don't blame the Rangers for responding as they did. Personally.


You are probably right Grover. It was all the talk prior to the game and thereafter.

It's this type of leadership at the league level that led to two of the worst incidents of the 2000s.

McSorley playing wackamole with Brashear's head and the Steve Moore cheap hitting Naslund which led to Bertuzzi ending Moore's career.

Don't have an issue with fighting in the NHL (two grown men trying to punch and balance at the same time, like ballet).

Not a big fan of cheap hitting.


looks like they dont need to play the last 5 Canucks games as they are already irrelevant.

…Edmonton and Vegas geographically the furthest west teams to make the playoffs, no teams from California…when was the last time that happened?

Works for me, being in the East :wink:

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I know you are joking right?

Last year.... 2019-20
(and that is super sad since last year was the "everybody except the utter rotten teams are allowed to play in the covid playoffs")

But 1996 would be the other last year with no teams from California as all sat home
In general Sharks and Ducks made playoffs an awful lot in recent years and even LA got good for a while (even winning the cup)
Toronto was even in the west that year so they would have nudged out a more western timezone team as well

…lol, no I wasn’t joking…I’m trying to actively forget everything from last year…1996 was the year then that I was getting at…


I had a similar reaction to the bubble offs last year just thought it was funny when you asked what most recent year was :slight_smile:

You know Sharks are like the Flames were in the 80s and 70s
Make playoffs nearly every year
Lose in first round nearly every year

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Red Wings too, late 90's to early 2000's

I wasn't sure if my memory was playing tricks on me so I had to look it up but Detroit???

From 1995 to 2005 (based on "late 90s to early 00s") team was only eliminated in 1st round twice (01 vs Kings and 03 vs Ducks; they were technically upsets as Kings were 19 points behind in standings and Ducks were 15 points behind but neither was a trend imo...)
Osgoode and Joseph just were outplayed by hot goalies

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I should have said from early 90s. Between 89 and 94, they lost the first round 4 times. Between 2001 and 2006, they lost 3 times. As I was cheering for them a lot, it sure seemed like a lot more


They still have the Canucks playing 5 totally meaningless games, including 3 after the first playoff game for Boston and Wash.

I wonder if it could have anything to do with TV commitments?

Cant be the fans in the stands.


Yeah but they were really weak then....
93 they had Cheveldae and 94 they had Osgoode (1st year ever in playoffs) splitting time with Essensa
1994 they started to become the Red Wings who would challenge for a Cup but anything earlier was laughable, they were a place holder of a team.

Ironically 1 of the Sharks 1st round wins (upsets) was against those Red Wings